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LUSH T for Toes Deodorant Powder

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Antifungal Foot Deodorant Powder


This foot powder can be used both directly on your feet, and inside your shoes. Putting the powder onto your feet helps them to sweat less, while the citrus scent helps any excess smell you may have. This helps to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the day. Simply pour a small amount of powder into your hand, and then rub it onto the foot. To put it in the shoes you can pour some into the shoe, then spread it over the sole. When I bought the powder in the lush store, the clerks also told me that T for Toes has an antifungal property. I have problems with bouts of athlete's foot, and using T for toes helps to both shorten the length of my outbreaks, and also seems to help prevent them from happening. It takes very little powder for each use, so a small cannister will last for a long time. This is a great, natural foot powder and antifungal treatment, that smells great.




A better for you deodorant.


After reading about the effects that deodorant has on the body, I decided to switch to an all natural version. One of my favorite deodorants is the Lush T for Toes Deodorant Powder. While it doesn't smell good, it did eliminate most of my body odor. It is a high price deodorant and the application of the deodorant is sort of awkward. It is definitely a good alternative deodorant for someone.




lust T works well


I had bought this particular  pair of sketchers on sale, the price was great and i wondered why, i got that answer after the first few days of wearing the damn thing, the shoe would stink up real fast, i think it was a manufacturing defect, and thats why they were selling the shoe cheap, i landed up buying this foot powder as a last remedy before i threw away the shoes. So each time i would wear the shoe i would use this foot powder by putting in some. That actually worked quite well, as the powder would absorb any sweat that would cause bacterial growth due to the lack of circulation in the poorly designed shoe. So the funky smell completely  stopped and i didn't have to throw away the shoe.  Infact using the powder became a habit and i have been using the product way after having thrown away the shoe due regular wear and tear. It keeps your socks dry and prevent any bacteria from building up, soothes your foot and keeps your shoe clean from the inside for the most part. Its not that messy, and give s lingering fresh natural smell to your foot and shoe all day.


Los Angeles, CA


T for Toes is a nice product but I rarely use it.


I'm all about foot products and tend to try basically every one that crosses my path.  I bought a 3.5 ounce jar of *LUSH T For Toes Dusting Powder* about two years ago and it has basically been collecting dust in my bathroom closet ever since.  *T For Toes* is a deodorizing foot powder that contains kaolin, baking soda, powdered horsetail herb, powdered walnut leaf, powdered broom tops, tea tree oil, and lime oil.  I don't know what those random herbs/leaves/tops are supposed to do, but I do know that tea tree oil is a deodorizing and anti-fungal ingredient which obviously will help with funky feet.  There are no directions on the container, but the company web site suggests sprinkling the powder into socks before putting them on and directly into shoes after wearing them. Tea tree oil is toxic to cats (and we have several here) so I don't like to just sprinkle *LUSH T For Toes Dusting Powder* straight onto my feet and get this stuff scattered all over the bathroom or bedroom floor.  I also don't want to get my shoes all funky by pouring this powder directly into them, so I stick to just sprinkling it into my socks after a home pedicure, before bed, or before a long day at work.  It does do a good job of absorbing moisture and deodorizing stinky feet.  I can't say that I have any real complaints about this product aside maybe from the price.  It does work well, but it simply doesn't seem to be a "must-have" product for me.  For the most part, my jar of *LUSH T For Toes* has been taking up space in the bathroom closet for something like 2 years now.  I like it when I use it, but I don't think to use it often.  I wouldn't recommend this stuff simply because it is so easy for me to forget about it. 


New Jersey, NJ


LUSH T for Toes Deodorant Powder

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