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LUSH Sultana of Soap soap

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This is the most amazing soap.


This is the most amazing soap. The scent is incredible, and it is so soft and smooth and creamy. I've never experienced a similar soap. It doesn't dry out my hands, and I also use it as a shower soap. I even leave just a chunk on my bathroom counter to keep the smell around in my bathroom. It lingers on the skin after using the soap as well. This is my favorite soap from Lush, and currently my favorite soap all around (but I switch soaps often). Effectiveness I find that this soap does not dry out my skin, and the scent lingers. The only downside is that the soap is by nature quite soft, and thus gets used up faster than a harder bar of soap would. Scent The scent of this soap is incredible. The Lush description says it has a "dazzling bergamot and olibanum scent," and it's otherwise hard to describe unless you've smelled it for yourself. It is slightly citrusy, but also I pick up some floral notes, but it's absolutely unique!




Surprise! It's a good one!


I was very hesitant at first when using this product. I thought that it would smell like oatmeal and raisins for some reason. So I came about using this product when my mother asked for it for Christmas a few years back. At this time I was living with her and was still in high school. So one day I ran out of soap so my mother offered me the use of her Sultana of Soap since I was out. SInce I didn't have any option really, besides skipping soap all together I opted to use it and was pleasantly surprised! I have purchased this product since and have used it on and off for almost three years now. It smells surprisingly fruity and mixes into a nice, creamy lather. I have even used this product on my infant son when he was 7 months old when we ran out of soap for him one day. He has eczema and his skin took perfectly fine to it. We will use this soap for him when we travel by cutting off a fine slice and sticking it in a baggie.




Very Strongly Scented


I adore Lush's soaps and while this is not a favorite it is still nice. I agree that the fragrance, being floral and almost rather like incense, can be much too powerful for some people who are sensitive to scents. It is supposed to be "fruity" but I don't really smell the fruit aspect when I use this, it smells more like incense and is more "crunchy granola" smelling than most of Lush's products. The soap is very delicate - as are most of their soaps - and absolutely must be kept completely dry in between uses to extend its life and keep it from dissolving into a soupy mass in the soap dish. I'd actually recommend keeping it outside the shower, if possible. And wherever you store it you need to make sure it dries thoroughly so storage on a little mesh rack like for kitchen sponges is ideal. Yes, this soap gets used up very quickly as it is one of the creamier formulas, but keeping it dry in between uses really helps to extend its life. Overall, if you like stronger smelling soaps this is for you. You'll enjoy the creamy texture and the fun fruit on top.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Soap Smells Awesome


This is one of my favorite LUSH soaps that they have available. The smell is wonderful and I love the little bits of fruit that they include in their soap. The bits of fruit are only decorative and they do fall out as you use the soap but I still like that they are there as it makes the soap look pretty (especially if you display your soaps in a small soap dish). This soap is super creamy and does not dry my skin out, which is a plus. I do not recommend leaving this soap in the shower or bath, though, as it will dissolve very quickly if it is left wet. I usually keep it in a small soap dish away from water and steam so that I get more uses out of this without wasting product. I like that I can purchase whatever size of this that I want since you can ask an associate at the store to cut a piece for you which they will weigh out and wrap. If you request it, they will also cut your piece into smaller ones if you want to use it bit by bit or divide it between different bathrooms.


Ann Arbor, MI


One of my favorites!


Though I am a fairly new user of LUSH Products, this soap quickly climbed to my favorites so far. The soap is creamy, it leaves you smelling clean and fresh, and it does a great job of leaving your skin soft to the touch! Berries and fruit come with the soap, and I am to be honest a bit torn about that. I really love how much character it gives to the soap, and I love the smell, but I don't always love having to clean out the bits that get stuck to my drain after a shower! That being said, the lovely smell far outweighs the cons. I bought a chunk of the soap at the Lush store, and I cut it into smaller pieces so that I could use a little at the time and not worry about the soap melting away too quickly. Hey, this stuff is expensive! You don't want to waste it by moisturizing your tub more than your body! I cut off a fairly small chunk, and it lasted me quite longer than I was expecting - especially compared to some of the other soaps that I have tried. Although I like the smells of others, I find myself drawn to this one time and time again. I will say the smell is a bit sweet and florally, so it may not be for everyone. Personally, I love it. It is also extremely easy to rub into a washing mitt - you get enough suds to get you clean, and you make your soap last! While I cannot wait to try all of the other options that LUSH offers, I'm not sure that any can replace my Sultana of Soap. 


Revere, MA


Smells delicious


All of LUSH's soaps smell so good you want to eat them. I was absolutely CRUSHED when I saw some viewers didn't like the smell! This is my second fave scent (first rock star then this). Only thing is, this one seems to melt faster than others! Not sure why, but definitely keep this one in a soap container!  P.S. Don't eat the nuts on top of the soap, lol


South Zanesville, OH


Sultana of soap


**The Verdict:**  This soap stinks to high heaven!  It looks really cool but smells awful so I sent it to a friend who likes the scent.  Too floral and definitely not for me.  **Just the Facts:**  Sultana of Soap is made by LUSH; a company that makes fresh, unique, animal-friendly bath, body, and beauty products.  LUSH makes giant wheels or bricks of soap and then cuts slices off of the block to whatever size the customer wants. I had high hopes for Sultana of Soap as it's quite pretty to look at and is a nice creamy color.  It's also loaded with fruit which I like in a soap so I figured I'd like it a lot.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a big disappointment. LUSH.com describes **Sultana of Soap** as follows: *Creamy Delights weary senses with its scent of summer berries.  Summer fruits may be out of season, but the generous serving of apricots, currants and cranberries in this creamy, delicious soap is sure to please the senses year round. The reviving essential oils keep your mood unseasonably perky too. * Sultana of Soap is dreamy to look at.  It's cream colored and the top section is loaded with little golden bits of either soap or golden raisins.  It looks really pretty.  It lathers up nicely and is very creamy and soft. It cleanses well and rinses easily. Sounds like a pretty good soap then, huh?  Well it is, only I cannot stand the scent.  It smells OK in dry form but the minute it gets wet in my shower it turns into a floral disaster that my nose just does not like at all.  I'm not sure where the "scent of summer berries" is in this soap as all I smell is funeral home.  Gack.  What's more, the scent lingers in my bathroom and on my skin for ages.  I wish other LUSH scents had the staying power of this one.  It figures that the one soap I don't like would be the one whose scent won't wash off!  I'm not sure where the floral scent is coming from as the ingredients list indicates that it's loaded with fruit and fruit oils.  There is something called bergamot oil in Sultana of Soap so I'm thinking that's the offender or that combined with another ingredient. This soap also seems to melt very quickly when exposed to water.  Not a problem for me as I'd like for it to melt into oblivion, but not good for those customers who do like it. **Closing Argument:**  Only **two** measly stars for Sultana of Soap.  It's a smooth, creamy soap but the scent is far too strong and floral for my liking and it melts very quickly.  


Annapolis, MD


LUSH Sultana of Soap soap

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