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LUSH So White Bath Bomb

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Apple Goodness


I adore LUSH's bath bombs (and all their products!) and to find one that smells like food is amazing! Despite the fact that it doesn't have any of my beloved glitter as other LUSH bath bombs do this is still an awesome bomb. This combines the fabulousness of creating a subtly pink bath water with a divine apple fragrance. You may ask, why apple? Isn't that a little odd? Not from LUSH and after you try this bomb you'll understand why. It's not an overpowering, sickening apple scent like you'd find in a candle, but more of a fresh, crisp apple scent like you'd find if you cut open a fresh, crisp apple. If you are expecting masses of bubbles worth of a bubble bath then this bomb is not for you. It fizzes but does not produce bubbles. For that you'll need a bubble bar. The fizzing doesn't last particularly long and leaves you with a tub full of lovely scented crystal clear water. It is said that you can cut the bomb in half and use only half but I have never been able to do that. I'm always a full bomb user. I think you get the maximum impact that way and it is more fun.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Lush So White Bath Bomb -- Small but Lovely


I love true apple scents -- the ones that smell cold and juicy and bright, like biting into a ripe apple. So when Lush released its So White Bath Bomb as part of its holiday line, of course I had to try one. I was a bit concerned because I've found so many of Lush's bombs to be, well, bombs. For some reason, the scents of some of the company's most popular bombs don't linger in my bath, even though I have a small tub. Since So White is a smaller bomb with no bright colors or other "special effects," I wondered if it could possibly make much of an impact. Oh, it does. It does. Something odd I've noticed about Lush bombs -- the smaller ones seem more strongly scented than their larger counterparts. I have no idea why that is, but I almost always prefer the small ones when I'm looking for a bomb with scented staying power. So White is a prime example. Dry, it has the wonderful fragrance of ripe, cool green apples. I know there are some other notes involved, but all I get is pure apple. It's almost a floral apple -- not desserty at all. This is no apple pie scent. In the water, the scent intensifies but stays true to its apple origins. The bomb is a slow fizzer, releasing a fine, silky white froth over the surface of the water. This isn't one of Lush's snazzier bombs -- there are no bursts of color or clouds of glitter. So White doesn't need that kind of razzle dazzle. It's a peaceful little bomb that does its thing, leaving your bathroom scented and your water softer. I only wish the froth lasted longer.


Marco Island, FL


Interesting bathbomb, particularly if you like apple


This bathbomb in particular (of the many that I've tried), takes a loooonnnng time to finish fizzing. Most of LUSH's bath bombs are gone within 5 minutes but I think this one lasted a good 15 minutes or so before it completely disappeared.   The scent of this bathbomb is distinctly of apples with some citrus notes in it, which is what initially attracted me to it.  It has a slight greenish hue to it but the water turns more of a milky, greenish color. The effect of this bathbomb is supposed to be that of a snowy day, I guess. As the bathbomb fizzes (especially if you take it out of the water while it's fizzing) it gets a thick, white, creamy coating on it, which is what gives the water it's milky effect.  This is one of the less expensive bathbombs that Lush has, but it's only available in the winter. If you wait until just after Christmas you can typically find this bathbomb for a buy one, get one free deal (and at that price it's definitely worth at least giving it a try).  


Ann Arbor, MI


LUSH So White Bath Bomb

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