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LUSH Sexy Boy Massage Bar

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Fun for the Holidays!


I just love LUSH's products, not only because they don't test on animals and are fresh and handmade, but because of the frankly cool names! When I saw the Sexy Boy massage bar I simply could not pass it up! I loved that it was in the shape of a little gingerbread man and that was perfect for the holidays. I did find it odd that it didn't actually smell like gingerbread, but that was probably a good thing. I think that would have ultimately been sickening. In any case, it does smell like a melty key lime truffle. Seriously, it's lime and chocolate and a hint of coconut. It's just lovely! I don't actually use the massage bars for massages, although that is their suggested use, instead I use them as super potent moisturizers for my winter ravaged, flaky legs after I get out of the shower. They're potent, but not greasy and don't leave a nasty residue so you can get dressed right after using them.

Vernon Rockville, CT


LUSH Sexy Boy Massage Bar

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