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LUSH Rehab shampoo

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very nice shampoo


The LUSH Rehab shampoo was definitely a splurge for me, but totally worth it. It looked weird when I first got it the product looked like a type of italian dressing, and you have to shake it up until it emulsifies together. The scent is very mixed it's hard to pick up exactly what it smells like, but to me it's like a herbal mint with some fruit. This shampoo is very runny I have to be careful not to pour out a lot I only need a small amount for my long hair. It works up into a crazy lather, but washed out of my hair just fine with ease. The results I got from using this shampoo are fantastic. My hair felt cleansed throughly making a good amount of body to my long hair that usually doesn't have enough volume on its own. My hair didn't feel dry or brittle like with most shampoos I used I can tell that this shampoo has made a difference to the way my hair looks. It can work on all hair types, and be very beneficial with all the great ingredients it is made out of.




Icky Smell!


I'm always up for trying a new shampoo, especially a clarifying one to remove the inevitable buildup from styling products and just the environment in general. I wouldn't really consider this to be particularly "rehabbing" as I don't find that it moisturizes particularly well, but more clarifying. It leaves your hair clean and fresh. The scent isn't ideal with an odd combination of citrus, mint, and pine or something. It smells almost medicinal. This will certainly cure a stuffy nose when you use it in the shower! The only good news is that the smell is only at its worst when actually using the shampoo and it quickly disappears as your hair dries. Overall, I don't find that this particularly helps with any frizzies or such, but it does do a great job of washing out all the bad stuff. Also, it oddly seems to make my hair so clean that it almost tangles more after I use it. It's like it strips out all the moisture and it gets tangled very easily while washing, making for unfortunate styling later.


Vernon Rockville, CT


LUSH Rehab shampoo

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