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LUSH Quinquereme of Ninevah soap

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I'm not a huge fan of scratchy coconut soaps although LUSH does make a great one. This, however, is a coconut soap with no scratch. It is just pure creamy goodness. The combination of coconut, vanilla, and citrus (orange, I think) is lovely and makes your entire bathroom smell divine! The soap itself is wonderful and creamy and just glides right across your skin leaving moisturizing bubbles and its lovely scent behind. The bubbles wash away leaving your skin silky soft, but the scent lingers beautifully for quite a while. This is a delicate soap that absolutely must be kept dry in between uses so I keep mine on a little wire mesh rack that is made for kitchen sponges. It keeps all sides dry so there is no dreaded moment of reaching for your soap in the soap dish only to discover that it has turned into soap soup because it never dried out. This will always remain one of my absolute favorite LUSH soaps.

Vernon Rockville, CT


I sometimes run out of hot water using this soap.


Last year I won two big boxes of stuff from **LUSH **that contained a bunch of their Retro products.  Retro products are things that LUSH made in the past but discontinued for whatever reason.  They've brought back some of these discontinued items in a collection they call **Retro **and can only be bought on their website. One of the products in that box is called **Quinquereme of Nineveh soap**. I have no idea how to pronounce that but I absolutely love it!  I'm almost and will be really bummed when it's all gone. QofN soap is described on ** **as: *creamy coconut, vanilla and orange soap fit for a queen. Feel the sun beating down on ancient Nineveh, see the haze rise from the Tigris river, and watch the sweat pouring from the oarsmen on the quinquereme carrying its cargo of exotic fruits and spices to the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Bathe in cool waters and wash with a soap made from the finest of those fruits and spices. With fresh coconut milk, sweet vanilla absolute from the seedpods of a rare orchid, refreshing orange oil and calming benzoin, Quinquereme of Nineveh is that soap.* Now I don't know if it's fit for a queen but it makes me feel pretty special when I'm using it.  The soap is pure white in color and has tiny bits of ground coconut in it which allows it to exfoliate really nicely.  A few other LUSH soaps have bits of lemon peel and coconut in them that are really nice when the soap is good and fresh but they tend to dehydrate a little if the soap sits out and then they get too scratchy.  QofN soap's coconut is more finely milled and does not tend to dry out like the others. The scent of this soap is also very nice. It smells like creamy vanilla and slightly of fruit.  It lathers really nicely too. I love to wash with this soap, especially before shaving as it exfoliates my legs really well. The only complaint I have is that it tend to melt a little faster than other soaps so I keep it up on a high shelf in my shower and away from water. I try to wash really quickly so that I can get more uses out of it but sometimes I just scrub myself with it for a long time. It feels so good!

Annapolis, MD


LUSH Quinquereme of Ninevah soap

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