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LUSH Natural Skincare Products

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LUSH = great


These products live up to their name. Lush is a feeling you get while using body or foot products. The shampoos are luxurious. Worth every cent spent! The aromas are heavenly and a little goes a long way. After using one, you will want to try some of the others.

Sanborn, NY




I love Lush. The products smell amazing and the bathbombs are relaxing. I always get great customer service while visiting and I love how they offer to give you samples on products you're not sure about.

Fort Wayne, IN


Lush body products are amazing!


I had never heard of LUSH until both my boyfriend and my sister bought me LUSH gifts for Christmas. Praise the Lord! Lush body products are amazing! They have great soaps (Snowflake, Honey I Washed The Kids), body wash, fizzers (some even leave confetti in the tub for a fun surprise), shampoos and conditioners. Everything smells so good and is made of natural products. LUSH stores are only in major metro areas (Chicago, San Diego, etc.). You'll have to go online to order if you can't get to a store. Or order from their catalog (without a sniff test). LUSH is pricey, but it's good stuff. If you ever get the chance, please go to a LUSH store and just take a look around. The products smell great and have fun names. One cute thing - their gift wrapping is so adorable that you won't want to unwrap them!

Peoria, IL


LUSH Natural Skincare Products

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