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LUSH Mange Too Massage Bar

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Smells Great


I have mixed feelings about this massage bar because I love LUSH and most of their products and this has many pluses, but it also isn't ideal. On the plus side is the fabulous smell! It smells of honey and white chocolate and all things yummy! There's a subtle hint of banana along with the usual cocoa butter smell. All of these combine for a fantastic scent experience. The formula is also very moisturizing. So moisturizing that it does not absorb completely and must be showered off afterwards, which is slightly disappointing and a definite minus. But, with the honey, you can understand. Then there's the lickability factor. You're supposed to be able to lick it off your partner. While this sounds like a good idea isn't not as good as it seems. It just doesn't taste all that great. It's okay, but doesn't taste anywhere near as good as it smells. So, overall, it smells awesome and moisturizes well, but don't lick it and be prepared to shower afterwards. Note: It says that this has been discontinued, but it hasn't. It's still available on the website.

Vernon Rockville, CT


One of the better bars.


While this massage bar is not my favorite that Lush offers, it is still really good. I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear this massage bar. It smells a bit like bananas, honey, and white chocolate. It is super moisturizing to the skin. If you have never tried a massage bar, this is a good one to start with. It has a generally pleasant smell that people are generally okay with, so you won't end up completely hating the scent. It is also a pretty decent sized massage bar so you will be using it for a while. I use this only as a massage bar because I don't want to waste it. It does feel a bit greasy though to the skin if you apply more than one layer. The best time to use these massage bars is after a shower or bath, right before bed. This bar works really well on dry skin, especially in the winter. My husband likes to use this bar too, so I would say it works well for men too. Effectiveness Moisturizes the skin very well, doesn't really help muscles.



Effective Delight!


I'll still say, that this product is very good and very beneficial both to your skin and your health in general. Applying it regularly, you'll start noticing smoothness of your skin and even nice, healthy glow. Me personally, I'm very, very skin conscious. That's why I'm always looking for the best products, that could help me to maintain my healthy, youthful appearance. This particular product I would recommend to anybody.

Rockwall, TX


Just your average mange.


**The Verdict:**  While this is not my favorite LUSH massage bar, I don't hate it either. It's a big bar and has lasted a long time and I like the scent but I don't think I'll buy it again as it does not melt well enough. **Just the Facts:**  Mange Too is a massage bar from LUSH which is a company that makes handmade bath and body products.  The idea is that you use this bar in place of liquid oils when giving a massage.  Mange Too is described on LUSH.com as follows: *For tantalizing, tasty pulse points and everything in between.  Delectable and delicious. Everyone deserves to be spoiled with soft caresses and gentle kisses. Our lickable Mange Too massage bar will have you both nibbling for a taste of the honey, white chocolate and tingly peppermint. You'll be back for seconds. * As we're not much into massage in the Bugg household, I use massage bars as solid moisturizers in winter time when my skin is dry and itchy.  It's especially nice to use after shaving legs, pits, and other places as it cuts down in razor burn and those nasty itchy bumps.  And this may be total TMI but my chest gets really itchy and I swear I could scratch the girls right off of me sometimes. I don't know if it's the hot water, the dry winter weather, or the combination of those things but what I do know is that it drives me nearly mad and I have to lube myself up to get any relief. After getting out of a hot shower my skin is generally warm enough to readily melt most LUSH massage bars with the exception of Mange Too.  I have to really press down on my skin to get it to begin to melt.  I usually start with my legs, then arms and elbows, then my chest but sometimes even then it's so hard that it pulls and hurts the delicate skin around there so I have to roll the bar around in my hands to melt it and then apply it to my skin.  This is the only LUSH massage bar with which I have to do this and it's somewhat annoying. I do like the scent though.  While I do pick up a slight Play Doh/baby powder scent, my bar is strongly scented with honey, white chocolate, and just a touch of mint and banana.  And while LUSH states that this product is lickable, I don't generally apply it to any part of my body that I could lick so I haven't done so.  What I do know is that I like the scent and that when I apply it to my shaved parts and any other body part that is dry, cracked, and itchy, my skin is moisturized and itch free all day.  Much moreso than when I use plain body lotion.  **Closing Argument:  3 stars.**  Mange Too is average.  It's not bad but it's not great either.  Just average. I much prefer other LUSH massage bars as they melt easier.

Annapolis, MD


Rub me all over with white chocolate and honey!"


My husband and I recently went to Atlantic City for a long weekend to get away for a bit. A girlfriend recommended that I check out the LUSH store while I was there and treat myself to a few of their products. I picked up a few bath bombs and a bubble bar to use in our comped room at our hotel because it had an enormous garden tub.  But, I also picked up a few other goodies that caught my eye (or my nose) while I was in the tiny store. One of the goodies is this Mange Too Massage bar. I loved the idea of a massage without messy oils that I would end up spilling so after sniffing all the massage bars I decided on Mange Too.  Mange Too is shaped like an octagon with a honey-comb looking pattern on it. The scent is extremely sweet like white chocolate, honey, and candy. LUSH claims it also has peppermint and bananas in it. To use it simply rub it between your hands or on your skin and body heat turns the bar into a light oil for massage. The scent is sickingly sweet and extremely kissable. The taste is just 'ok' not the candy taste that I would have expected but perhaps that is a good thing or I would be tempted to take a bit out of the Mange Too Bar. After getting a massage with the Mange Too bar my skin was moisturized just right. I should mention that I have very dry skin and when I used this on my husband who tend to be oily this left him greasy so that he needed to take a shower. Plus, Mange Too has glitter in it which I did not notice at the store. On my skin, I liked the glitter and found it suitable to throw on a summer dress and head out for the evening. Some people might find the glitter annoying or aimed at a younger crowd. My husband obviously found the glitter demasculating and scrubbed endlessly to make sure not one particle of it remained. We'll save Mange Too and use it for massage where I am the recipient or I will use this as a moisturizing lotion bar on occasion. The smell is just good enough to eat!  

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


All I need is a diaper and a playpen.I already smell like a kid!


**Quick View **If you like Play-Doh and baby powder scents, this massage bar may be for you. Otherwise, choose another massage bar in the LUSH line. This one is gross! **Full View **I can't forgive LUSH for luring me into buying **LUSH Mange Too Massage Bar.** It is nothing it says it is and everything I don't like! **LUSH claims ... ***Formulated to tempt and tantalize the Mange Too will make any massage a little sweeter. Honey, white chocolate, tingly peppermint and fresh bananas make your partner's skin taste and smell good. ***My Use **I didn't need a massage bar. I have enough STUFF to last forever. But, lured by the claims that this bar smelled and tasted good, I was hooked. Let's get one thing straight. This has no taste. It tastes like oil. There is no sweetness, no flavor, nothing AT ALL. This bar is intended to be used either for a massage or to hydrate and soften dry skin. After trying this, a massage is so far out of the question, it'll never happen. And I won't use this again even though it does moisturize. I rubbed the bar across my skin and it did leave a veil of oils and hydration behind. Rubbing in the oils was easy and it softened my skin. A winner, right? Uh, no. The scent! It is just so NOT what was described. There is not a HINT of anything that LUSH said there was. I couldn't quite discern what the scent was so I asked my husband to smell me. (He was scared. I only do that when stuff smells weird.) He took a sniff and said, "Play-Doh." Yep! That is the scent! White Play-Doh! I admit, I used to like the scent of Play-Doh - when I was four! I don't want to smell like it now as an adult. And it's strong too! It doesn't temper down to a light scent at all. My son walked in and said. "Why does the whole house smell like baby powder?" Yep. It smells like baby powder too. If there is one scent on this earth I really hate, it's baby powder. I didn't like it when my kids were babies and I despise it now. So, here I am smelling like Play-Doh and baby powder and looking oh so forward to my bath later to get this stuff off of me. The bar does soften my skin but the scent makes me sick. Every ingredient in this bar is natural except for the perfume, which I wish they would have left out! **My Viewpoint **I enjoy trying new LUSH products and I have never tried one I really, *really* didn't like. Until now. This massage bar stinks. Seriously. Maybe I got a "Play-Doh" batch but I didn't pay nine bucks and shipping to smell like a nursery school or, worse, a baby's diaper! Yeck. As far as performance, it works the way it should and I can't take that away from it. However, I won't be using this bar again under any circumstances. ***2 disappointed stars.***

The heart of , NY


LUSH Mange Too Massage Bar

3.7 6