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LUSH Karma Perfume

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Favorite scent!


So as a fan of Lush's Karma soap and Karma Kreme, seeing this in perfume form just about made my day! But first, if you're not familiar with it, Karma is a layered scent, with the focus on Patchouli, sweet orange and lemongrass oils. Now I'll be honest, and say I am not a hippie, not even close, and Patchouli hasn't ever been a friend of mine, so...color me blindsided to how much I love this scent! So now it comes down to the solid vs liquid form of this perfume. The solid perfume....dude, I'm in love! This stuff smells amazing, and I've gotten compliments almost every time I wear it! And It goes so well with the Kreme! Now as for the liquid perfume....It's a very nice smell...and it's a very strong smell. And it lasts for quite a while, especially on my clothes! I'll wear an outfit Monday, and by Friday the scent is still going strong. Having said that, though, the scent is not at all like I'm used too, in the solid perfume (....or the soap, or the Kreme or the shampoo) It's similar, yes, but different enough, that while I'll probably finish the bottle, I won't be buying it again. I'll stick with the less expensive but better scented solid stuff, which FYI lasts quite a while too! now, on a side note, if you'd like to experience Karma for yourself, and the soaps just aren't your thing, try checking out a brick and mortar store. Karma Kreme usually comes in a big tub, but if you go to a store, you can get a sample of it in a tiny tub....and if you decided to buy the full size Kreme, the tub is really easy to refill and take with you, whereever you go!)


Alexandria, VA


Smells different on each person


I have been using Lush products for several years now but for some reason I had stayed away from their perfumes until recently (when they released several new ones with both liquid and solid forms).  I was with my sister-in-law and the sales associate had us both try on the karma perfume and we were amazed that it smelled so different on each of us. It was more citrus-y on her and a bit more spicy on me.  I have never experienced such a stark contrast with the same perfume.   The fragrance has very complex notes to it, but the scent is very pleasant. I found myself sniffing my wrist over and over to get a whiff of it because I thought it was so nice.  The other great thing about it is that a little definitely goes a long way. It is very easy to overdo it with this fragrance and spray too much on onseself. If you are unsure about this one, it is very easy to get samples from Lush, particularly from solid products. 


Ann Arbor, MI


Karma Perfume is the Patchouli Lovers Dream!


Karma Fragrance is the best Patchouli product I have ever used!  Never was I a patchouli fan until I met LUSH products!  They have turned me into a Patchouli addict!  Last all day and people will compliment you all day!


Hamden, CT


A dab will do for a long time and the scent is AMAZING.


LUSH Karma Perfume has an amazing scent and is perfect for the fall and winter months. A little bit will last for a very long time. The price is a bit high for such a small bottle but with the staying power I suppose it is ok. I love LUSH products but this one is one of my all time favorites. If everyone would wear this it would be a beautiful smelling place to be!!


Portland, OR


all-time favorite perfume


What can I say about Lush's Karma perfume, except I love, love, love it. I've gotten more compliments from wearing this deep, rich scent than any other perfume I've worn. Sure there's patchouli in it, but don't let that scare you. Lush uses quality stuff, and you won't smell like a head shop. My favorite is the undertones of orange blossom. Besides the scent itself, there's an added benefit to wearing Karma- it actually calms you down. As someone prone to anxiety attacks, I find that putting on a little Karma helps me feel better. Mind you, you only need a tiny bit of the stuff, and it does last all day. All I can say is give Karma a try.


Fpo, AP


I was disappointed -not Lush's usual fantastic quality


  I love Lush's Karma scented bath bubble bar- so I thought the perfume would be the same- NOT! Karma perfume is very heavy and a little "off" to me. I am a child of the hippy era- and thus a patchouli expert :>- this patchouli based perfume is just not very inviting- very musky  and almost "musty". I do know that perfume works differently on everyone, based on body chemistry, so try some at the Lush store if you can-perhaps patchouli just loses its' magic on world weary skin??  The bottle is too expensive to order via web and then be disappointed. 


Portage, IN


LUSH Karma Perfume

4.5 6