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LUSH Jungle Soap

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Masculine Scent


Most of LUSH's handmade soaps come in a big wheel and they cut portions off for you, but the Jungle Soap came molded into adorable little tree shapes! I received one from a friend who brought it back with her from a visit to the U.K. Apparently they were part of a promotion where they were raising money for (I think) rainforest conservation and all the proceeds from the sale went to the designated charity. I want to say that I enjoyed it as it certainly had the cuteness factor going for it, but the scent was really just too masculine for me. It had a strong woodsy odor to it that was just not ideal. It smelled as if I had used my boyfriend's soap. As a soap it did produce an adequate number of bubbles but it wasn't very moisturizing. Overall I was quite disappointed and only used this a couple of times in the shower before I retired it to the kitchen to be used for hand washing there.


Vernon Rockville, CT


LUSH Jungle Soap

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