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LUSH Jungle Conditioner

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I Really Wanted to Like This


I was looking forward to using Lush's Jungle conditioner. I bought it specifically to take on vacation. It is a solid conditioner which was easy to pack, light, and I had no concern that like a normal conditioner, that it might leak while it was in my suitcase on the plane. Well, once I had the chance to use it, I was so disappointed. My hair was a tangled mess. If you use conditioner mainly to untangle your hair, then I would not recommend this conditioner. Effectiveness Given the fact that this is a natural, hand made product, that contains fresh bananas, avocados, and cocoa butter, it may be good for those with short hair who do not have issues with tangled hair. It is nice as a straight conditioner and contains natural ingredients that are good for your hair. It is also very convenient to use. According to Lush, Jungle conditioner can also be used as a shaving cream for your legs. Scent Although this conditioner is supposed to smell fruity, I thought it smelled herbal. I do like light scents and I found this to be this case with Jungle conditioner. It is pleasant, but not what I normally would prefer as a conditioner scent.




Easy-to-use bar that is great for traveling.


After learning how to use the Jungle Conditioner, it is super easy and also softens, detangles and gives your hair a nice sheen. No frizz! Scent This can be overpoweringly flowery, but if you use it sparingly, the smell dissipates or is very mild.


Portland, OR


My hair looks like I live in the Jungle.


**The Verdict:  **I love the scent of Jungle, but it's tricky to use and doesn't do much for my hair at all.  Bummer.  **Just the Facts:**  Jungle conditioner is made by LUSH which is a company that makes handmade, unique bath, hair, and body products that are animal friendly.  Some of their products, including Jungle, are completely vegan. LUSH.com states that Jungle is *a refreshingly fruity bar to condition and detangle tresses.  Jungle is an amazingly nutritious conditioner for all hair types. Full of fresh, natural ingredients like cocoa butter, avocados, figs, bananas, passion fruit and kumquats, it also contains many essential oils to soften, moisturize, nurture, shine and detangle. Solid hair conditioners are not your everyday thing and might take some getting used to. But, if you care about reducing packaging and avoiding preservatives, then you will want to give Jungle a go. * Jungle is a "naked" product which means that it had zero packaging.  You just go to LUSH, grab a chunk of it and bring it home.  There is no plastic or paper to throw away (there is a little if you do mail order though).  It looks like a bar of soap but it does not lather.  To use Jungle, you just rub the bar down the length of your hair and massage it in.  Easier said than done, but when I use it, I really like the results. To apply Jungle I use a combination of rolling it around in my hands like a bar of soap and rubbing the bar down the length of my hair.  I apply what I've managed to build up on my hands to the crown of my head, and then rub the bar down the length of the sides and back of my hair.  When it looks like skim milk is running off of my hair, I stop.  At that point my hair does not feel slimy like with regular, mainstream conditioner but somehow I am still able to run a wide tooth comb thru my hair and proceed with the rest of my shower and after I've towel dried my hair, I can comb it again with little difficulty. Some people cut little bits off of their chunk of Jungle and moosh it into a paste for easier application.  I have done that when I get down to the last part of my chunk of Jungle and that method works well.   I LOVE the way Jungle smells.  It's very natural; like green leaves or grass.  Again, kind of a different scent that takes some getting used to but I really like it.  It's earthy, natural, and totally unlike anything I've ever used.  Well that's not exactly true.  It's similar to the scent of LUSH's Reincarnate shampoo so the two smell really nice when used together. **Closing Argument:  ***2 stars***** This conditioner doesn't do a thing for my hair which really bums me out.  My hair is extremely healthy so it doesn't need tons of conditioning.  But when I use Jungle and get out of the shower my hair is a tangled mess and it takes ages to get a comb thru it.  Once my hair is dry it's just fine but it feels awful when it's wet.


Annapolis, MD


Smells awesome - and can be used in other ways


I love the scent of Jungle conditioner so much, I've found other ways to enjoy it!  I've broken some off to rub into my cuticles and my rough elbows and heels.  I've also used it to shave with and it does a great job of moisturizing my skin.  My hair is thin and the ends are dry, especially in the winter.  Occasionally, before bed, I'll rub a bit of Jungle into just the ends, then I'll wake up, wash my hair and put a little more Jungle in and comb it through before I rinse it out.  I think it works great and it blends nicely with the Lush shampoos I've paired it with. 


Ballwin, MO


LUSH Jungle Conditioner

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