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LUSH Jingle Jelly Shower Jelly

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Christmas fun in the shower!


This is a great jelly.  It takes sometime to get used to jellies, but once you do, this is another good one to try.  A lot goes a long way when you use a puff.  The scent is great and stays on your skin for a long time.  It is a great way to bring the holidays into the shower too.  I bought this last year and need to get some more right now, after this review for this holiday season.  Lush is the best for everything beauty! 


San Antonio, TX


A sparkly, energizing, bubbly holiday shower treat.


I recently purchased the *LUSH Jingle Jelly Shower Jelly* which is one of their limited edition holiday products.  Out of all of the LUSH shower jellies that I've used, I'd have to say that this one is definitely my favorite. The shower jellies are products that look pretty much like a block of Jell-O.  They contain nutritious seaweed gel and are supposed to be good to use as shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath.  *Jingle Jelly* is blue-green in color with silver glitter scattered throughout.  It has a strong, herbal scent that alternately smells like evergreen, Gummi Savers, and sweet sausage (the fennel).  This product contains grape juice, seaweed extract, juniperberry oil, sweet fennel oil, ylang ylang oil, and tangerine oil.  The whole combination is supposed to be detoxifying and re-energizing, according to LUSH.  I really enjoy using *Jingle Jelly* in the shower each morning.  First of all, the scent is strong and invigorating which I appreciate at 5am.  The jellies can be difficult to use but if you break off a small piece of this product and smash it into a bath pouf, you'll get enough lather to wash your entire body... twice.  After showering with this jelly, my skin is neither moisturized nor dried out.  It leaves skin clean and smelling fresh but I don't know that I can say it is "detoxified". I am very impressed with the lovely fragrance and the incredible amount of lather that *Jingle Jelly* produces.   This holiday item is available only for the next month or so which means that you should buy it now if you are interested.  I will probably by myself another one in the next few weeks.  *LUSH Jingle Jelly *is the best LUSH shower jelly that I've ever used.


New Jersey, NJ


LUSH Jingle Jelly Shower Jelly

4.5 2