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Shampoo for All Hair Types
LUSH Hybrid Solid Shampoo

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Works ok, there are better lush products


This is one of the few "just ok" Lush products I've used. It's shampoo and conditioner in one but it's less effective at keeping my hair soft than some of the other Lush shampoos. It lathers alright, not as well as others. It doesn't make my hair frizzy but it doesn't rinse as well as other solid shampoos so my hair gets greasy again quite quickly. Effectiveness Works ok at cleaning my hair and as I said doesn't make it frizzy but I've found it can make my hair feel a bit dead and lifeless as well as hair getting greasy quickly again afterwards. Convenient for not having to use two products, but doesn't work as well as others which rather negates the purpose. Is also convenient as it can be used as a body wash as well as shampoo/conditioner so it makes it easy to pack for weekends away without taking up too much space. Scent Smells nice, but that's not enough for me to recommend it. I'd recommend other Lush solid shampoos, though it's handy to have two in one products I don't think that they work as well in solids.



LUSH Hybrid Solid Shampoo really grew on me. Hooray for LUSH!


The **LUSH Hybrid Solid Shampoo Bar i**s just that - a solid bar of shampoo.  Imagine that!?  It is extremely easy to use and smells so, so delicious! To be honest, the first time I used it I did not like it at all and felt like it was a waste of money.  I thought it left my hair too tangley to ever consider reusing it.  After my first experience I changed how I used the product and now I really like it -in fact it is one of my favorite Lush goodies now. I always make sure to brush any tangles out of my long and thick hair before showering if I plan to use Hybrid.  Once I am using it I wet my hair and the bar and gently rub the bar from the top of my head down my hair.  I don't pile my hair up on my head and scrub.  Instead I gently massage my scalp and work the shampoo through my hair like I would conditioner and before rinsing it out I use a wide comb and get any tangles out.  This works so much better and the results are amazingly good. My hair comes out shiny and smooth and I have hardly any tangles to work through. The fragrance is pure delight.  It is a mix of liquorice, lemon, taragon and pine.  I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it is a wonderful fragrance!  Also the fragrance stays in my hair even when it is dry. As an added bonus, you can use the shampoo bar on your body just as you would soap.

Cumming, GA


Funny looking, but so cool to use!


OK, LUSH never fails to disappoint.  This is the weirdest looking shampoo I ever tried, but with all the natural ingredients, this funky 2 in 1 (shampoo + conditioner) is a must have.  I wanted something I could travel with, (y'know, the airline regs?), anyway, it fil the bill and was so nice to use.  My sister laughed at it when she saw it, but she's a dedicated user now too.  It cleans and softens without your hair feeling weighted down and/or nasty like ssome combos I used.  This black/white charcoal looking this will sooooo become your best friend.  My LUSH products are so cute and convenient to carry.  This is just another one! 

New York, NY


A shampoo plus conditioner that actually works! Imagine that.


**The Verdict:**  If LUSH discontinues this shampoo bar I will have a hissy fit the likes of which you've never seen. **Just the Facts:**  I have been using LUSH's solid shampoo bars for a few years now and really like them.  They are great for travel and last a long time as just a few swipes over my hair creates lots of lather and cleansing.  I've tried nearly all of them over the years but have put off using the **Hybrid shampoo bar** as it is a two in one shampoo plus conditioner and I've just never had good results with two in one products.  But since I'm running out of LUSH hair products to try, I figured the time had come to give it a shot.  And I'm really glad I did as it works great! describes **Hybrid** as follows:  *Two-in-one hair cleansing and conditioning While not much to look at, this black and white shampoo bar is ideal for those efficiency-minded folks who just want to get in, get clean, and get out. Squiggles of shampoo, bits of cocoa butter and sesame paste conditioners combine to make quick work of shampooing for most hair types. Your scalp will feel softer and your hair will be shiny and squeaky clean. * Hybrid looks strange.  It is comprised of charcoal grey and white shampoo squiggles compressed into a round bar that resembles a small hockey puck.  Within the puck are chunks of conditioner.  To use Hybrid I just swipe it a few times over my wet scalp and a few times thru the length of my hair and massage it in.  It works up really fast into a nice thick lather that smells like combination of black jelly beans and vanilla.  Sounds weird, but it actually smells quite good. While shampooing Hybrid feels soft and slick and it rinses out easily leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean.  That's usually a bad thing as squeaky clean usually equates to tangly and not able to get a comb thru my wet hair.  That's not the case at all.  After towel drying I am able to get a medium tooth comb thru my hair with complete ease and after my hair is dry it is shiny, soft, clean, and conditioned.  My hair is revoltingly healthy so those with more dry or damaged hair may not have the same ease in combing thru, but it works really well for me.  **Closing Argument:**  I cannot believe that I waited so long to use Hybrid shampoo!  It works great on my hair and is so convenient for travel. Plus it means less time in the shower and less water wasted on endless rinsing. 

Annapolis, MD


LUSH Hybrid Solid Shampoo

4.5 4