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LUSH Humango Bath Bomb

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Huge and Delicious Smelling


When LUSH calls these Humango, that's because they truly are humungous! They're equal to probably four of their regular sized bath bombs which are quite large as it is. I think this thing weighs in at about a pound and a half. No, seriously. It's that huge. Despite the enormous size they're actually quite good. I break a chunk off and use it once in a while. It's messy but worth it. The scent is very citrusy with a combination of lime and lemon essential oils. It also has bits of You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt mixed in so you're left smelling great and feeling moisturized. As with all LUSH products it is handmade from fresh ingredients and is never tested on animals. Despite the crazy expensive price this is well worth the expense if you enjoy your bath time. This bath bomb will last you through many baths. I take into consideration that I normally split a LUSH bath bomb in half so this is really equal to eight halves or eight bath times. So, that's really not outrageously expensive on a per bath basis.

Vernon Rockville, CT


LUSH Humango Bath Bomb

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