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LUSH French Kiss Bubble Bar

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Not My Favorite Bubble Bar


I love most things that Lush produces but this was not my favorite bubble bar. I loved the shape and pretty color, but it just did not perform well once it hit the water. It did crumble nicely (I used the entire thing for a single bath) but it didn't create anywhere near as many bubbles as some of their other bubble bars. I did find that it turned the water a pretty light purple and scented it with lavender, but there was just something missing from the usual Lush bubble bar experience - bubbles! Perhaps because of the amount of oils in it it created hardly any bubbles. I still had a nice bath experience with the scent and pretty color, but I really missed the bubbles! I did come out of the bath smelling nicely like lavender and well moisturized though. Overall, this was not my favorite bubble bar, only because of the lack of bubbles! Hopefully I just got a defective one and others won't experience this problem.


Vernon Rockville, CT


I love this -- great for before bedtime!


I wonder if maybe the previous reviewer got an old bar?  I buy bubble bars from Lush all the time, and while they're hard to begin with, once you soak them a little, they're easy to crumble.  I used the whole thing in my bath & it filled up with lots of bubbles.  The smell was very relaxing -- sort of made me feel sleepy!  It left a nice, subtle scent on my skin after I got out of the bath.  I do agree, though, the grey water was a little bit unappealing, but all the Lush bath bombs & bubble bars do that -- at least this one doesn't leave confetti & flowers stuck in your drain too!


Middleton, WI


What a Sexy Scent!


I love the way this bubble bar smells. I love the way it looks and I just about love every tiny little thing about it. Just don't love the price. Although you can cut it up and use it for 2 different baths, maybe more if you don't like stronger scented bath water and skin but just look at it. Its fabulous. Its worth the splurge every once and a while. I mean purple and white soft bubble bar.. I mean yummy!! It has the cutest little bundle of lavender sticking out of the top. And its doesn't smell exactly like lavender, it more so smells like the best most freshest sexiest fragrance you've ever smelled in your life. And we all know that lavender isn't cheap and this bar is said to be full of relaxing lavender and great things for your skin. So if you like to splurge on your skin and your peace of mind. Than this bar is for you. They say your skin is the biggest organ of are bodies why not take great care of it. And no messy clean up after each use.




Not a LUSH product I'd buy again


I really wanted to like this bubble bar, especially because it turned the water a pretty purple color (I didn't experience gray water). I did not get nearly the amount of bubbles out of this compared to some other bars, so that was disappointing. In fact, I had to use the entire bar to get a decent amount, and even then, they dissipated faster than I was expecting. Additionally, the scent of the bar was not one of my favorites. I'm not so much of a lavender fan, but this came in a set, so I figured I'd try it.  The one thing that I did like about this bubble bar was that it didn't come with a lot of junk in it. By junk, I mean lots of dried flower particles, confetti, etc. Not that these aren't a fun addition to the bath, but the last thing that I want to do after taking a bath is clean out bits and particles from the drain. I will say that was a big advantage for this bar, but that was the only positive thing I could find.  Was it awful? No. But it wasn't great, either. Given that the bubbles were dinky, and the scent was mediocre, this is not something I would purchase again. However, I think that if you like that type of scent, then this would still be an okay experience. 


Revere, MA


LUSH French Kiss Bubble Bar

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