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LUSH Figs and Leaves Handmade Soap

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Great Exfoliation


I think I may have tried each and every LUSH soap they offer and this Figs and Leaves soap is always a favorite, especially for winter. Every LUSH soap is incredibly moisturizing but the combination of the little exfoliating seeds along with the moisturizing soap is simply awesome! This is especially valuable in the summer when you've gotten too much sun and feel dry or in the winter when you need that extra bit of exfoliation to get that dead skin off so you don't get those dry skin flakes inside your jeans! The scent is alluring but not overpowering. In fact it is distinctly on the lighter side than some of their other soaps and products. It smells very fruity with just a touch of something exotic. The grape leaves on top are purely decorative and just too cute! Overall while this is not my all time favorite LUSH soap it is among the top few and is definitely worth trying, especially if you need exfoliating.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Love this soap!


Like sultana of soap (also from LUSH), this is one of my favorite LUSH soaps on the market. I like the grape leaves that they include attached to each soap and it has little seeds embedded in the soap that serve to mildly exfoliate. The scent is also wonderful and makes for a very luxurious shower or bath. It is very fresh in a green, leafy sort of way and the smell is not overpowering. It does not dry my skin out whatsoever either. I do like to keep it away from shower so it does not melt when I am not using it. The LUSH soaps can also be purchased by size, so if you want a bigger or smaller piece all you have to do is to ask an associate to cut you the desired size and they will happily oblige. This makes it more cost effective to buy these in case you don't want to spend a lot on a huge chunk of soap. The piece of soap lasted me a few months (but keeping in mind that if left in the shower it is prone to "melting").

Ann Arbor, MI


Neutral, soft-smelling soap that will please the whole family


Subtle scent that smells awesome and leaves skin feeling so clean and soft. The only problem is that this will muck up your tub something fierce. Be prepared for leaves and scum on your tub! Other than that, it's a wonderful product, if not a little pricey. Great for sensitive skin types! Scent Smells great, I don't like heavy perfumey smells, so this one is perfect for me, but if you don't like this one just try one of Lush's other soaps--the wide range of scents is the best thing about their soap line.



Almost too beautiful to use, but use it anyway!


I picked this soap out at LUSH partly because of its nice scent, but mainly because it is so beautiful to look at. I have to admit, I left it prominently displayed on a soap dish in my bathroom for weeks. I even had to dust it more than once! I liked to look at it -- there are so many textures to it -- it's not your typical bar of soap. Anyway, when I finally broke down and started to use it in the shower, it was immediately apparent that leaving it sitting out for all that time didn't diminish the soap's scent or quality at all. It lathered into a rich, creamy lather, and it left a light, sweet scent behind. Also, this soap lasted a really long time! I find it hard to pick out products at Lush because it's like a candy store; I want a little bit of everything! I have tried lots of LUSH soap and this is my favorite so far. I haven't bought another bar yet because I still enjoy trying new soaps, but this is one of the bars of soap that I know I'll be re-purchasing at some point. A real treat.

Portland, OR


Best Soap I've Ever Used!


I just love this wonderfully moisturizing and excellently scented soap. I wasn't sure about it at 1st. But after washing my hands with it, to give it the 1st try. I fell in love with this soap. It makes you feel so moisturized and your skin feel so soft and smell so great. That you will never want to go without it again. It does have exactly what it says inside the soap, figs & leaves. And at 1st that can be a bit disturbing. But after you start using this soap to clean, you won't mind the leaves inside. Or the little chunks of fig. You will actually start to appreciate them all the more. For their wonderful moisturizing abilities. An A++++++++ Oh and its a light exfolliator with all those yummy figs packed inside. Wow, what could be better than an all in one soap!



LUSH Figs and Leaves Soap - a mixed review


**LUSH Figs and Leaves Soap **is described by lush as: *Earthy orange garden smoothes skin and leaves it supple. **Ashy or scaly skin? Nevermore with Figs and Leaves handmade soap. Tiny fig seeds brimming with nutrition and gentle exfoliation yield to a creamy, aloe vera conditioning lather and a bouquet of fresh garden aromas. The scent of oranges and earthy ylang ylang linger on your silky, smooth skin as a tempting reminder of sweet cleanliness.* **** **LUSH Figs and Leaves Soap** was **just OK**for me.  I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't very drying on my skin and certainly loved all that rich lather.  However, the scent was way too faint for me and the fig seed scrubbies embedded in the soap were just a bit too harsh on my skin.  So while my skin wasn't dried out, I felt a bit scratched up and abused after using this soap.  I really think this would have been a favorite of mine if the fragrance were stronger and those darn fig seeds were taken out!  I have since wrapped up my bar to save for the summer when my skin may not be so sensitive.  

Cumming, GA


Figs are not just for Newtons any more


I recently discovered LUSH products. So far they are 2 for 1 for me. This soap is one that I received as a free sample and I love it. As soon as I need more soap (or can justify more soap purchasing) this will be the product I run towards. It has a mild natural scent, somewhat woodsy and clean. It is moisturizing, and gentle and gave me great bubbles with a wash cloth. It is also chock full of natural exfoliating leaves and fig seeds (?). So if it is your personal bar you can simply run it along your skin for a gentile exfoliation.

Portage, MI


LUSH Figs and Leaves Handmade Soap

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