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LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

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Nice Smell, Pretty Color


I love most of LUSH's products, especially their soaps and bubble bars so I was sure I would like this as well. While this is not my favorite bubble bar of all time it is a solid addition to my rotation and I pick one up occasionally. First, the bright pink color with the white daisy on top is just adorable. I only wish it had glitter as well! The pink color does not really color the water though so don't expect a bright pink bath water experience. This has a nice, light scent that smells creamy and sweet. It's sort of a mixture of vanilla and almond and cotton candy. This is also one of the more moisturizing bubble bars as it has lots of bits of cocoa butter mixed in to make it sort of a bubble bar/bath melt combo. This is actually really nice, especially in the wintertime when you really need a heavier duty moisturizing experience. I don't know if it's because of all the extra cocoa butter or what, but my latest bar didn't produce as many bubbles as I usually get from a bubble bar. It wasn't a deal breaker though.

Vernon Rockville, CT


One of my favorite bubble bars!


I am a huge fan of bubble baths. I could literally take them every single day. But having two young children, that it just not possible at the moment. Anyways, I am really picky on the bubble bath products I use and am not a huge fan of some of Lush's more signature scents. However, this bubble bar is one of my favorites! It smells so good, and the candy like scent is divine to bathe in. On that note, the scent of this bar is a little more subtle than some of their other bubble bars and bath bombs. I feel this is appropriate though because the scent can be a little overpowering if it is any stronger. If you don't like the stereotypical candy like scents then you probably won't like this bubble bar. Effectiveness It makes a lot of bubbles. It's a pretty good bubble bar overall and I would recommend it. Scent This scent is similar to their old dusting powder that smelled like candy. I believe they discontinued that one though, which I was a little disappointed about.



LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

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