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Conditioner for Dry Hair
LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner

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only for scent


 When I walk a shopping mall, I notice 100% that whether there is a lush store or not because I love their scent.One of my favorite scent is coconut, so I purchsed Coolaulin without doubt.  Like I expected, the coconut scent of Coolaulin is the best coconut scent. I used many kinds of products which have coconut scent, but there was nothing smell like Coolaulin. The smell is so sweet and lovel, even sexy.Also, it last for a long time with just one time use. Let me give you a short story.  My Coolaulin was empty, so I could not use it for a week. After one week, I went to a hair salon and the staff asked me if I use a conditioner or a perfume.I said" No, I didn't use any conditioner for a week." The staff told me that she can smell a really good scent on my hair :)  Also, my husband always stuck around me every time I use Coolaulin.He is very funny and always says" Your hair smells like cookie.It makes me hungry!"  What a lovely scent!! However, that's it. Very Sadly, it just has wonderful coconut scent. It is not a good de-tangler...ever...

Burke, VA




I am a huge fan of Lush products, but not this one.  I bought Coolaulin Conditioner, to condition and calm my curly tresses...I think not (or knot was more like it)!  It did not calm or condiiton, nor did it add shine.  It is a pretty diluted product and when I put it in my hair it was as though I did not even condition it. Granted you won't get the waxy build-up of a mass merchandise hair product, but you won't get the quality of a professional grade one either (which is what I have become accustomed to having friends in the industry). Not only was the quality not what I expected, the scent was not either.  When I smelled the conditioner for the first time it smelled like it had gone off (you know rotten).  It did not smell like coconut or lemon or a combination of both, it smelled awful.  I know there is a shelf life to these products, but I was expecting a pleasant scent, a tropical scent...ugh!

Irvine, CA


Love what it does for my hair


The very first LUSH product I ever purchased was **Coolaulin Conditioner**.  Although I loved the smell, it didn't give my hair that slimy, coated feeling while I was in the shower so I stopped using it.  Now a few years later I've gone back to using it and I'm so happy that I did. LUSH.com describes **Coolualin** as *A creamy, protein-rich coconut conditioner for shine and softness. By blueprint, curly hair is less shiny. Lemon juice keeps the hair shaft smooth and light reflective. Essential oils keep your scalp happy and admirers flocking.*  After years of abusing my hair I changed my ways and started treating it better so that I can grow it out.  I'm having great results and LUSH is helping.  Turns out that the reason I wasn't getting that ultra-conditioned feeling from Coolaulin is that it does not contain silicones and chemicals like most other shampoos do.  So in the shower I just need a small amount - enough to cover my ends and moosh around on my scalp - and it does the trick.  It smells really nice like fresh coconut, not sweet, processed coconut. I let my hair air dry and it comes out so soft and with lots of volume.  And for some reason I get a little bit of some sort of natural curl coming out.  This is the only conditioner that has that affect on my hair.  Not complaining, just sayin.  Weird.  Another great thing is that when I use Coolaulin my roots do not get oily as fast as when I use other products.  Usually I have to wash my hair every day but with Coolaulin I could probably get away with every other day as long as I don't use styling products.  ****Four Stars**** Had to take one away just because it's ridiculously priced.

Annapolis, MD


LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner

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