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LUSH Cocktail Soap

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Pretty But Stinky


I normally like most of LUSH's soaps and was quite thrilled to receive this as a gift one year but as soon as I unwrapped it I was disappointed. I had to rewrap it and give it away. The problem was not the soap itself since all of their soaps are very good at cleansing thoroughly and leaving your skin moisturized. The problem was the scent. Or perhaps I should say the stench. This soap contains a concoction of not only Bergamot Oil but Ylang Ylang Oil, Rose oil, Jasmine Oil, Sandalwood Oil, AND Lavender Oil. Really, if that combination isn't enough to make you sneeze just reading it then you must have a stronger nose than me! This ultra potent combination of oils was just too much for my nose and left me sneezing after a single whiff. I was so disappointed that I was unable to use this as it was such a pretty shade of deep purple with lots of lovely glitter mixed in. If you're a brave soul and like very strongly scented soaps then this is for you.

Vernon Rockville, CT


LUSH Cocktail Soap

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