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LUSH Bob holiday soap

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Awesome Holiday Scent


It's no secret among my friends that I'm a huge fan of LUSH's products, so I was thrilled when I received the Bob Holiday Soap as a gift a few years ago. It was a limited edition soap at the time and I wish they'd bring it back because it was so good! The smell was an awesome combination of chocolate and orange and reminded me of a dark chocolate dipped candied orange slice. It smelled absolutely wonderful in the shower! As for using it as a soap it was just like all of LUSH's other soaps. It foamed nicely and washed away with no residue. It wasn't particularly moisturizing, but that didn't bother me since it smelled so amazing! I don't know how much this was since I received it as a gift, but it was probably along the lines of the other LUSH soaps, and as such was a good value. It lasted quite a while since I kept it absolutely dry between uses by keeping it on a little sponge drying rack so it was away from any water and allowed air flow all the way around to keep it from getting soggy and melting.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Love this festive guy!


Bob is wonderful.  A sweet, spicy scent, it reminds me of Christmas.  Don't let the green scare you.  My son does an extra good job of washing with Bob because he loves the green.  And since its all natural I don't worry if its safe for him or not!

Olean, NY


Bring the holiday spirit into your shower.


*LUSH Bob Soap* is one of this year's limited edition holiday products.  It is described on the company web site as "an annual favorite with spicy cinnamon, cloves, and oranges."  The picture of this soap is really what caught my eye.  It is shown as a festive green soap with red chunks scattered throughout and a red "rind" along the outside edge.  It just looks like a little piece of Christmas that you can take into the shower with you.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from last month and you'd better believe that *Bob* was included. When the package arrived, I was disappointed to see that my piece of *Bob* looked nothing like the picture on the web site.  My chunk was a uniform forest green that wasn't anywhere as cool as it looked online.  What is even more strange is that I visited a LUSH shop last week and they had normal-looking *Bob Soap*.  I don't know if I just got a bad batch or what but they should be ashamed of sending out something that is so completely different than what they promised.  Appearance aside, this product has a spicy Christmas scent that does indeed smell like cinnamon, cloves, and oranges.  Sometimes when I get a whiff of it, I am reminded of spice drops or Nila wafers.  In any case, *Bob *fills the shower and bathroom with a pleasant holiday fragrance as I use it each morning.  It doesn't produce much lather (which is typical for LUSH soaps) but what it does create is an unpleasant yellow-green color.  This product, like most bar soaps, does leave my skin feeling somewhat dry after use but I usually use a body butter or moisturizer after showering anyway so that isn't much of an issue for me. *LUSH Bob Holiday Soap* is a fun little novelty item to use in the weeks before Christmas but I am already becoming sick of the fragrance.  One piece of this soap per season is more than enough!

New Jersey, NJ


LUSH Bob holiday soap

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