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LUSH Big Calm Jelly

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Smell is Good but Regular Gels are Better


I'm not super impressed with the shower jelly. I find it difficult to work with it. You have to break of a small bit (which is preceded by fighting with the jelly chunk) and crush it into your loofah or shower puff to work up a lather. I find it easier to just use soap or a shower gel. Once you do go through all this, it does lather nicely, but I do not have the patience to deal with it. I do, however, like this smell of this shower jelly. It is very tropical and reminds me of a pina colada. The smell does not linger on my body which is nice (therefore I can enjoy it in the shower but not have to worry about what it will smell like layered with my body lotion or perfume of the day). I have heard of people refrigerating these before use for a more refreshing experience but I have not tried this. Also, for long term storage I was told that these can be frozen and later thawed when you are ready to use them.

Ann Arbor, MI


Smells like a nice pina colada...until it smells like pickles


I love Lush jellies, and I was quite excited when this new one came out. I smelled it in the store and it smelled fresh and clean and light--like a pina colada, fruity and a little boozy. However, in my shower it started to smell a little different when it hit the water. I couldn't identify the smell it reminded me of, but when my boyfriend walked into the bathroom later he said "it smells like pickles in here!" That's exactly it, it smells like dill pickles after awhile. Great texture, lots of bubbles, smells great on your skin after you dry, but smells like pickles in the shower.

Rohnert Park, CA


The closest I have come to Jell-O wrestling. Any takers?


***Quick View:*** LUSH products are hot and miss for me but I keep buying stuff from them! **LUSH Big Calm Jelly** is a wiggly, jiggly block of Jell-O like stuff that smells incredible and lathers wonderfully. But holding onto it is a challenge! ***My Wiggly, Jiggly** **LUSH Big Calm Jelly Experience*** This product is a chunk of wiggly, jiggly cleanser. It is exactly the consistency of Jell-O and is a beautiful blue with white swirls. I ordered it from the LUSH website and it came to me in a clear plastic deli container. My kids thought it was Jell-O. It even smells like something edible with a tropical, delicious scent. The question was, how the heck do I hold onto a mushy jelly? I decided to store it in the refrigerator and just take about a one inch by one inch chunk into the shower with me. I couldn't hold onto the brick when I tried and I knew I would lose it and waste it in the shower. The little chunk worked fine. I put it on my bath pouf and voilà! Lather and wonderful tropical scent! It's a jiggly body cleanser that lathers better than any of their soaps and smells heavenly. I felt like I was in Hawaii when I was using the Jelly. It rinses off well but doesn't moisturize my skin. It leaves it neutral. The scent lasts in my bathroom for a couple of hours but only on my skin faintly for a little while. I wish I could get some body cream in the Big Calm scent because it's delightful. It does calm me and it makes me long for beaches and clear blue water with white sands. ***My Wiggly, Jiggly Viewpoint*** Some people hate the Jelly concept because they can't hold onto the 3.5 ounce or 7 ounce bricks in the shower. I would never even try. I use a little bit on my pouf and that is all I need. I don't waste the product and I get lather and scent. It cleanses well and smells so great. Scent is so important to me. If something smells good or brings back pleasant memories, I will be loyal to it even if it is a pain to use. **LUSH Big Calm Jelly is** a bit of a pain but it's kind of fun too. I will repurchase this product. It's pricey, of course, because it's hand made and mostly natural but LUSH has me hooked and I can't seem to say no to their products. Mmmm....tropical jelly body wash. Fun times! ***4 stars.***

The heart of , NY


LUSH Big Calm Jelly

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