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LUSH Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

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Left me dry and scratched.


I really like exfoliating products so I was excited to try this bar. I expected a gentle but effective exfoliator that left my skin moisturizer like I had just used a body butter. The exfoliating component of this bar feels like big pieces of sharp sand. One piece actually scratched my arm and made me bleed the first time I used it. I definitely wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin. Once I rinsed it off, I found that it left behind absolutely no moisture, which was pretty disappointing. I wouldn't buy this again. Scent The scent isn't awful, but I don't really like it. It's fairly faint though and doesn't stay on your skin after you rinse it off though so I can deal with it. Absorption This bar doesn't leave any residue behind but it also doesn't actually add any moisture to your skin. It just turns Ito a watery thin liquid while using it. It would be one thing if they just marketed it as an exfoliating bar but they insist on calling it a body butter. It doesn't moisturizer one bit, so I definitely wouldn't consider this a body butter. Effectiveness This bar is an effective exfoliator, a little too effective in fact, but it doesn't do a bit for moisturizing your skin. Be prepared to use a good body lotion after you get out of the shower.


Voorhees, NJ


my favorite


The LUSH Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter is my new preferred way to moisturize my dry skin. I like to cut this bar into 6 cubes just to make this product last longer. I use this product in the shower while my skin is still wet. I take one cube, and rub it into my hands then apply it to my body in circular motions letting it sit for a minute on my skin to get in all the benefits. Then I rinse it off as the last step in my shower routine. This leaves me smelling yummy, and sweet its my favorite kind of scent. I also enjoy this product, because it does not leave a greasy mess behind on my shower tub floor. My skin feels so moisturized after my shower, and its a great type of hydration that last all day on my skin. Its the perfect type of moisturizer that does not leave me feeling sticky I am able to put my clothes on after I use this product. I like to store mine in a soap container where it's protected from water this will melt really fast when you expose it to water. It absorbs just enough into my skin to keep it nice, and supple before I wash it all away. I recommend this product.




Miracle body butter


Lush products are just fantastic and I'm a huge fan of their solid products that don't need packaging and this is no exception. It's a great smelling body butter that you rub onto your body in the shower, exfoliating and moisturising in one. It melts a little and then is absorbed fairly quickly. There are faster absorbing body butters out there, but this one is worth the extra few minutes it takes to sink in, especially as others are applied to dry skin rather than onto wet and rinsed off. Don't expect to be able to get dressed straight away after using it, it really does take a few minutes to sink in but it's well worth the wait as it leaves skin incredibly soft with a nice faint scent. A little goes a long way with this and I've had some of these body butters that have lasted months and months so they're well worth the price as they work out far cheaper than even the cheapest body lotion on a cost per use basis and that's before considering it as an exfoliator, which it does an excellent job of. Along with their solid shampoos, lush body butters (and do try buffy the backside slayer, too) are a staple in my toiletries bag. But don't leave it sitting in water after use, put it on a soap dish and it'll last far longer. Absorption I've marked this down a little on absorption just to indicate that it does take a while to sink in, but it is very much worth it. Think of it as a home spa treatment and enjoy the time.




LUSH'S Luscious-est scent


This is absolutely my favorite product from Lush.  I usually apply body oil all over my body after shower or bath - it's my preferred moisturizer.  As Lush would note, if you take out the water, you take out the need for preservatives! However, some times are simply too hot for that to make sense - like June through September in Washington, D.C.  Unless you have A/C, you almost feel like you have another "shower" immediately after getting out of the shower.  I use this bar sparingly - brushing just enough to feel the slick moisture over my skin after I finish washing my hair and skin in the shower.  After a quick rinse, I get out smelling positively amazing, with skin that is just soft and hydrated enough for living in this sweaty, humid place called The District in summertime.   When I bought this the first time, I kept it in the soapdish with the soap and wasn't careful about letting water run over it - big mistake!! I keep this in a small plastic re-usable "tin" in the shower now, doling it out in small portions and keeping it well away from the water.  I rub just enough into my hands before I use it, then tuck it carefully out of the way of the spray again.  If you're not careful, this delicious investment in healthy skin will just melt away!


Takoma Park, MD




Aqua Mirabilis may be my favorite Lush product and I like Lush a lot.Here is a description on my method of application:Cut bar into 6 cube-like pieces. Use 1 cube each time. After washing self (with soap, gel, etc), turn off shower (or if you're taking a bath, simply stand up). Stay in the stall/tub and rub the cube all over your body in circular motions. If that feels too harsh on your skin, you can rub the cube in your palms first before apply the scrubby product onto your body. Use like you would a exfoliating scrub. Then turn on water and rinse the product off your body. I enjoy this product because it does not leave the tub/floor greasy. Also, it leaves my skin smelling yummy and feels moisturized, although I still usually use body lotion afterwards because I'm a strong believer in daily lotion usage.Love!!!


Seattle, WA


Aren't body butters supposed to moisturize skin?


After a wonderful experience with LUSH's The Soft Touch Body Butter, I decided to try a new one: *Aqua Mirabilis*.  LUSH puts a different spin on the traditional body butter.  Instead of creating rich, thick creams, they produce solid blocks of natural butters (shea, mango, almond, cocoa, etc) that you rub onto your skin.  Some of them can be used anytime, but several of them are meant for use in the shower, including *Aqua Mirabilis.* According to the company, this body butter is supposed to be a "sultry sandalwood moisturizing body scrub."  I like scrubs and am fine with sandalwood scents, so I was excited about using this product... and then I used it.  When I smeared *LUSH Aqua Mirabilis* across my arms, it left a layer of lovely, scrubby ground almond shells and thin, runny, tan liquid.  The exfoliating bits felt pleasant on my body and, interestingly enough, much stronger than their supposedly hard-core body butter/scrub, You Snap The Whip.  The problem was the "moisturizing" part of this body butter.  It contains cocoa and almond butters, but when I rubbed *Aqua Mirabilis* across skin, I just got this watery, colored liquid that wasn't moisturizing or hydrating in any way, shape, or form.  Maybe I was spoiled after using this stuff right after trying The Soft Touch and Buffy, but come on! Shouldn't something that is called a "body butter" be slightly moisturizing? Although this body butter is a decent "body scrub", I can't recommend it because it doesn't hydrate skin at all.  If my primary goal was exfoliation, I'd buy a sugar or salt scrub.  If I'm buying a body butter, I want my skin to be moisturized, soft, and supple.  *LUSH Aqua Mirabilis* doesn't deliver.


New Jersey, NJ


LUSH Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

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