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L'Oreal Wear Infinite Made for Me Naturals Eyeshadow Quads - Canyon Stone #806

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Stays Put!


I just recently discovered L'Oreal eye shadow and then found these shades. I must say, I love it! Before using L'Oreal, I would have to apply eye shadow two or three times a day as it didn't last on my eyes long and would clump up in the creases. Ugh, hate that! But, these L'Oreal shadows go on smooth, add great color and I do not have creases from it clumping after a couple of hours like other shadows do. Perfect! I will say, I'm not crazy with the small applicator that comes with it (or comes with any shadow for that matter-why do they makes those things so small and useless?) so, I bought a set of applicators for all my makeup. These L'Oreal eye shadows looks natural but, gives a sparkle to my eyes. L'Oreal is high quality at a reasonable price. It looks beautiful and I'm so happy with it. I highly recommend this product as well as all colors of eye shadow that L'Oreal makes. You will be happy with these!




Wear Infinite Eye Shadow makes applying make-up a breeze!


Let's face it. I am a klutz. I try to get "the look" just right and never succeed. But when I saw this set of L'Oreal eye shadow quads, I thought my luck had changed and I was right! Simple to follow directions on the back of the case suggest where to put each shade for the look you are trying to achieve. Even I could follow the directions! A stroke of this shade here and that one there, a little blending, and my eyes really stand out. Nothing drastic or flashy, but a more sophisticated look that I need for work. Another thing that I like is that the Wear Infinite shadow has not caked in my eye creases even though I am an older woman. The coverage is light, but that is exactly the look I needed, being a "mature woman". And finally, i have had no allergy problems with this eye shadow. Most other products have caused me problems, but not this one. I would recommend L'Oreal Wear Infinite Shadow Quads, especially the Canyon Stone 806 set, to anyone trying to achieve a more natural look.


Jefferson, IA


Awesome product - coverage is great!


I gave this product a 5 star rating because this is definately Made for Me!!   I wear L'Oreal's eyeshadow all the time!   The coverage is outstanding and it lasts all day long!   The quad shade packaging makes blending a breeze.   Each color is smooth and creamy and with all four different shades it is easy to create different looks that are soft and light to dark and mysterious!   I always choose L'Oreal when it comes to makeup - their products seem superior to others I have tried and the value for the price is great!   The only thing I wish they would change is the applicator brush.   The pads seemed to wear down quickly on mine and come unglued.   Overall this eyeshadow pack is a great buy - colors and coverage are perfect - it last's all day!                                                                                                                                                        


Mount Clare, WV


i wear this all the time it is a very good product


the loreal eyeshadow has 4 colors you can use one or all or mix them up. it goes on smooth and stays on. i bought the brown shades and it looks nice the applicator is just a plastic stick with the foam on each end, but you can use a better applicator if you have one, i find this one is just stiff.


Hampton, VA


L'Oreal Wear Infinite Made for Me Naturals Eyeshadow Quads - Canyon Stone #806

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