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L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Quad - Smokey Eyes #904

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L'Oreal Infinite Eyeshadow Quad-Smokey Eyes is everything I need


I bought this for my teenage daughter, but then I took it back because I needed it more.  I thought my daughter would need an eyeshadow with directions for a beginner.  It worked very well to make the eye look dramatic and well done.  The choices of colors range from beige and browns to bright jewel colors to deep greys and blacks.  I am sure I will be buying more for different occasions.  I wear the browns every day for work.  I bought my daughter the deep blues for Homecoming.  I think it is fun to have bright colors for days when you wear a colorful blouse.  One good thing about having a quad eyeshadow is that the colors are designed to match each other and they are made from the same type of product.  It doesn't always work to mix different brands and types of eyeshadow or it can start to congeal.  Another reason I like the quad is because it is in one compact.  When I have lots of single eyeshadows, I have to search through my make-up box and open and close each one.  This eyeshadow is just right for me.


Bolingbrook, IL


L'Oreal Smokey Eyes was Average


For the cheap price i would not consider this eye shadow a good buy. The colors are perfect for a smokey eye night time look. I would use the colors for going out or for a fancy event. The only problems with this eye shadow is that it goes on very heavily and is very difficult to blend and to get off with out making a huge mess. Any little mistake and you have to wash your entire face to get the eye shadow off and start over again. Also the colors don't stay put very well. After two hours or so the colors slide up into the eye crease and look trashy.  Another problem I encountered when using this product was the cheap packaging. I opened the eye shadow once and the cover broke right off and was unfixable. I wouldn't really recommend this product to anyone because it is not quality. The colors and textures of these shadows seem like very poor quality. I've paid less for other better eye shadow brands. 


Berlin, CT


LOreal Wear Eyeshadow is the best!


I love to use L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Quad - Smokey Eyes #904.  I have tried numerous other eye shadows over the years, and they usually end up looking terrible after a few hours.  Either they wear off, or simply get messy looking.  Also, some shadows that I have tried (including some very expensive ones) are very light, and I can hardly tell that I have shadow on.  Although some people may prefer this look, I personally like a shadow that shows up.  L'Oreal puts out a great product, and this shadow stays on all day long.  In addition, I never need to reapply it.  This particular eyeshadow quad - smokey eyes is perfect for me.  I love the light coilors for my eyelid, and the darker shades are great to use in the crease of my eyelids.  I use this shadow whenver I go out, and feel that I look decent in case I see someone I know.,  Actually, this is the only make-up I feel I need, and when I put it on, I instantly feel like I look better.


Butler, NJ


Love this L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad!


I love this eye shadow quad. It's wonderful. The eye shadows in the this quad are all very silky. They are not long lasting though. Even with Urban Decay Primer Potion and an NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil, they do not last long. The colors are not vibrant. They are not as good on the eye as they are in the packaging. I love the packaging though. It is easy to open and easy to get your brush into the colors. Some times, the colors are too small and the makeup brush does not get into the eye shadow without picking up other eye shadow colors as well. I love that the front of the packaging is clear so I can see the different  colors and decide to use it or not instead of opening the packaging. It is very travel-friendly. I have taken this on many trips and the eye shadows have not broken. I love the concept of the smokey eye quad. Every color you need to achieve the best smokey eye! I wish the colors were more pigmented though.


Leominster, MA


Best store bought quad!


My sister gave me this as a gift. It is a GREAT quality store bought eye shadow quad.  Instructions are on the back telling you to properly apply this eye shadow. Everytime I wear it people ask me what I have on. It makes the perfect smokey eye.  L'oreal Quads are good quality.


Cambria Heights, NY


Love the shades in some, not in others.


I tried the grey shades and loved them as soon as I put them on, although it looked silly when I followed the application suggestion on the sticker.  I did it my own way after that and then didn't look completely ridiculous.  The shades are put together perfectly and the black works fairly well as a cheap substitute for eyeliner.  I loved how the lighter slate shades have a hint of blue in them, and they even worked well to make my hazel eyes appear brighter and deeper in color.  The cons with this product are that it can get a little too much transfer if you don't use a good primer, and the wand broke after about a month of using.  The little tips fell off, but that won't really matter if you have your own wand.  Also, I dropped it about seven inches onto my counter and two of the colors broke apart which was a bummer.  It would be nice if it stayed together a little better. Overall, a very good buy for the money!


Ramona, CA


Inrinite eye shadow is pretty good :)


I was a bit sceptical about "easy smoke eyes", but decided to give it a try anyways. I'll admit I'm not expert at doing make up and LOVE smokey eyeshadow. The application was expliained on the back of the eyeshadow case in easy 1, 2, 3, 4 steps. I don't think it looks like a professional did my eye makeup, but it looks a heck of a lot better than anything I could do on my own! I got quite a few compliments on my eyes, which was great! The only problem was that the eyeshadow did crease after wearing a few hours (which wasn't nearly as bad as some of the other eye shadows) and it smudged pretty eaisly. All in all I'd recomend this to people who don't have a ton of time to spend applying their eye makeup. I felt this was more of a "dressy" eye shadow than a casual one, but I guess other people could pull it off with casual wear lol. The price wasn't bad at all, considering you get four different colors that last a good while (I've had mine for months). I think I payed no more than 6 bucks for mine.


Jacksonville, FL


Finally, I palette of grey colors I like!


**L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow **is designed to be "Long-wearing, crease-proof, super-blendable color with a soft, silky feel."  I've had a hard time finding a grey eye shadow scheme that I like, but I love the colors in this palette. **L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow - Smokey Eyes **is an eye shadow quad that contains four, beautifully coordinated colors.  Each color has a number etched into the eye shadow to tell you where on your eyelid to apply that particular color.  The colors included in this set are: (2) a shimmery white/silver, (1) shimmery pale grey, (3) matte dark grey and (4) a matte charcoal color.  The back of the eye shadow has a diagram to show you where each color goes.  #1 goes all over the lid for subtle color, #2 goes below brow to brighten eyes, #3 should get blended mid-lid for depth and shape and #4 blend into lash line for definition.  With the exception of #4, I wear this eye shadow exactly as described. I like this eye shadow quad better than any other grey eye shadow assortment because not only is the texture of the eye shadow nice and soft, but the colors really go perfect together.  Usually when I buy an eye shadow quad I only like two or three of the colors.  I like ALL of the colors in the **L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow - Smokey Eyes** quad.  Unfortunately, the eye shadow doesn't go on as bright a color as it appears in the compact.  I have to apply several applications to get the color I want. **The Scoop!** If you are looking for a nice set of grey eye shadow colors, I recommend this product.  The colors do blend well and feel soft and light on your skin.  I just wish the color was as dark as they look in the compact.


Camp Lejeune, NC


L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Quad - Smokey Eyes #904

3.8 8