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L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer - All Shades

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Good concealer.


I cannot use this when my acne is at its worst, but I can use it when my skin is doing okay. It covers small to moderate acne. It does not work on big bulging pimples, though. I think that it may be due to the amount of oil they produce so it cannot adhere well. It covers small faded dark marks well but not if they're pretty fresh. I have two different colors, one for my under eye circles and one for the rest of my face. It covers up my dark circles fabulously and makes me look much more awake. It seems to brighten up my whole face. It can also double as a primer for eye shadow and gives it a nice clean color base. I could not find a color that completely matched the skin on my face, but if I use a powder over it is fine. It does not sink into the wrinkles on my forehead or my smile lines. It lasts pretty long, probably up to seven hours before I have to reapply it to oily spots. It does not transfer when I change my clothes and dries quickly.

Las Vegas, NV




  L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer is a good concealer. However, I have found better concealers than this one though. At a first glance I was very excited and positive about this product. I did not like it after using it a few times. I am not saying it is a bad concealer, just not my favorite. I find it to be a bit sticky and the brush applicator gets way to much product on it when you take the wand out. I covers blemishes fairly well although not as well as other products I have used before. It also takes a while to blend the concealer into the skin. A lot of the product gets all gooey and messy in the tube. I do like that this concealer comes in a very small tube, but I would prefer this concealer to be in a tube that you could squirt it out of. I think for the amount of money this concealer costs, you can find a better concealer. I would not recommend this product to my friends.

Omaha, NE


Really is a True Match


I have extreamly fair skin, and freckles which makes it very hard to find a concealer and foundation mix. I can put the smallest amount of anything on my fact no matter how close the color and you can tell that I am wearing makeup. But with L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer I have found makeup that not only looks natural but also covers the dark circles under my eyes I get after those late party nights. It doesn't have a strong makeup smell and is very easily applyed. Even on my fair skin I can use just the concealer and not foundation and you can't tell I'm wearing any makeup. I will never use another concealer again. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way so even though the tube is really small it lasts a long time. Not only does it cover dark circles under they eyes well but it also covers up any red blotchyness or acne you might have going on. I would totally suggest this to anyone who has fair skin!

Goose Creek, SC




oh my gosh, I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with this product. L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable concealer is certainly amazing. I have stated before that I have pretty terrible skin. I am prone to breakouts, and I have some uneven skin tone due to post-acne scarring. Not pretty at all. I NEED to cover up my face before I leave the house, even for just going to the dentist. But sometimes you don't want to put on all your makeup just to go somewhere quick...like to the dentist.  When that is the case, I only use concealer. This consealer is amazing, I put it under my eyes to hide my always-present dark circles, and to cover up whatever little "surprises" my skin has decided to give me that morning. L'Oreal concealer blends so well that you honestly can't tell you're wearing any makeup at all, which is always the look I am going for. I use the W 1-2-3 color, which is basicaly for all warm tones of skin. this stuff is great! use it!

San Diego, CA


Good Coverage and a great selection of shades


L'oreal products don't always live up to my expectations, but this Tru Match concealer does.  I don't care much for the Tru Match foundation because I don't like the coverage and I don't actually find any of the shades to be a "tru match" for me, but the concealer is another story.  It goes on smoothly and provides good coverage.  I apply it with a cosmetic sponge and dab it so that the coverage is complete.  I'm not sure how one would even use the applicator that it comes with (it's a little brush, looks like a little nail polish brush)???  I admit I'm not very sophistacated about putting on makeup, but I'm at a loss with this little brush for concealer! Anyhow, back to their selling point of Tru Match.  They really do have selection of colors for concealers that is better than most other cosmetic companies. Usually you get a choice of 3, maybe 4 shades, fair, medium, dark,and maybe one in between.  This almost always left me with either a fair that was too fair, or a medium shade that was too dark.  I'm happy to say, that L'oreal Tru Match has solved that problem for me, and I can in fact, find a tru match with this concealer.

El Sobrante, CA


L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer - All Shades

4.2 5