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L'Oreal True Match Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner - All Shades

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I feel so Naturale!


When looking for a good lip product I have several criteria. Among those are good color, good scent and a cool name. I admit that not all my favorite products meet these criteria, and admittedly, they are not the best criteria around but they work for me. This product from the L'Oreal line is one that meets not all the criteria, but is still a great product. I bought this lip conditioner in the color Soft Honey (not the coolest name, but still good enough for me) and I love it. The nude color is perfect for me and has just a touch of subtle silver shimmer. The shimmer is not terribly noticable and the gloss has just enough shine that it should not offend even chapstick only wearers. This product feels smooth and soft on the lips and never leaves any gunk on your pucker. My lips always feel more conditioned after using this product and it even smooths rough chapped lips. If you are looking for a subtle change from chapstick or just less color from lipsticks this product is a great substitute. It has no funky scent, just a kiss of color and some sweet names to chose from. I recommend trying this product if you are transitioning to lip products from chapstick or just need something new.

Colorado Springs, CO


L'Oreal True Match Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner - All Shades

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