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L'Oreal Pure Zone Scrub Cleanser

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After seeing ads for this product on the tv and in all of my magazines, I was convinced that I needed to try it. I headed down to my local wal mart and bought it. The first time I used it, I fell in love. I could instantly feel how soft and clean and moisturized my skin felt. I couldn't keep my hands off of my cheeks. You can feel it scrubbing against your pores, but at the same time it is so soft and velvety. It even smells good, but not filled with the nasty type of fragrances that can clog up your pores. It kept my face clear and clean, without any blemishes or red spots. The pricing is very reasonable and definitely affordable. I continue to purchase this product without the need to try out any other products because I am already so very confident with this one. It is also in a convienent little bottle that I can slip into my bag if I go on a trip or over night to a friend's house. I take it anywhere I need to, because I love it that much.


Stow, OH


L'Oreal Pure Zone Scrub Cleanser is great for my budget!


L'Oreal Pure Zone Scrub Cleanser is a great product! It isn't very expensive, only a few bucks, and does the same kind of job as the more expensive face cleansers. I have "problem" skin, dryness and break outs, and it doesn't dry out my skin like some of the others do.


Chesapeake, VA


effective but not too harsh


 This is a great product for people who want a simple way to reduce blemishes. I only use it once a day and rarely have to use additional products. It works without drying out my skin. It is quick and easy and works better than similar products that I have tried.  


Salinas, CA


L'Oreal Pure Zone Scrub Cleanser

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