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L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment

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A good moisturizer, but that's it.


Normally, L'Oreal delivers when it comes to facial care. This one did not do much for me at all, leaving my skin sticky in the morning and moisturized- but with no changes in skin texture. L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector (the pink jar) works way better for me as it leaves my skin smooth, has no residue, did not cause me to break out and it actually smoothed out some dark spots on my face. I would give this newer product a try. Absorption It is a very light cream and easily sinks into your skin upon application. I actually had to apply more than suggested. However, when I woke up in the morning, I seemed to have this layer of shimmery "goop" on my face. Doesn't Clog Pores I broke out a little bit after I started to use this cream. I tend to have sensitive skin, so maybe it was just the way I naturally reacted to it. Effectiveness I did not really notice much of a positive difference in my skin quality that would justify the price. Fine lines were not diminished and I saw little or no change on some of the dark marks on my face. I was not expecting a miracle, but I have had better experiences with other L'Oreal products.



Great product but no reduction in fine lines.


I actually liked this product. The consistency was great, the smell was great, it never made my face break out. It went on totally smooth and absorbed well, but I'm not 100% satisfied that it "turned the clock back" so to speak. I didn't really notice any difference in the smoothness of my face or any reduction of wrinkles. Granted I don't have that many wrinkles, but I do have some fine lines and was hoping that some of them might be diminished. Not really the case. I would use this cream again as a moisturizing cream but without any expecatations of it making a real difference in fine lines or wrinkles in my skin. Absorption Went on really nice. Not greasy.. went on smooth. Doesn't Clog Pores Didnt seem to clog my pores. I didnt break out from this product. Effectiveness Worked really well except for reduction of any fine lines or wrinkles. I know there is no real "miracle" cream, but i was hoping for a little bit.

Granada Hills, CA


It's not the fountain of youth but my skin feels nice


I'm just at the age where I'm noticing some small wrinkles appearing on my face (sigh). I rarely wear make up and don't like putting creams on my face, so I went many years before I began regularly using facial products. I'm not sure how I found this product but I think it's interesting to quote the following from the box: "After 10 years of research, L'Oreal scientists unlock the code of skin's youth by discovering a specific set of genes that are responsible for skin's natural power of regeneration." If this isn't the Fountain of Youth, then I don't know what is. The L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment claims to do the following: *Diminish signs of stress and fatigue *Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles *Smooth and even skin's surface *Boost skin's radiance and luminosity *Deliver instant hydration *Visibly transform skin's youthful appearance I think it's important to note that L'Oreal suggests to also use their other Youth Code products while using this serum. I'm not sure if that's a necessity to achieve the above results or just a good marketing scheme by L'Oreal. Absorption This doesn't absorb immediately, especially if I use too much. It also leaves a bit of a shiny film/sheen, which is why I use it at night. Doesn't Clog Pores I have had no issues with clog pores since using this product. Effectiveness While I haven't awoken in the morning to find myself looking like a young beauty queen, I think that this product works well to hydrate my skin. It's definitely better to use this than to use nothing at all.



L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment

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