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L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional The One-Sweep Eye Shadow

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quick and easy to use but wonderful finished product!


Let me start by saying that I am not even close to an expert in make up and I generally feel like I don't know what I am doing when I am trying to get a finished look. I don't wear make up daily and I don't experiment a lot. When I saw this product I was pleased to see the single applicator that you use for all 3 colors in 1 swipe across the eye. I have tried some that have the diagram on the back showing 1, 2, 3, 4 for each color and then showing the chart of where to apply it. Those types were not a good fit for me. I was skeptical as to if this would as easy as it was said to be on the package, one swipe across the colors and then one swipe onto the eye but figured I had nothing to loose and worst case I could use my own brushes to use the colors from the Loreal One Sweep if the applicator provided did not work for me. I do want to mention that I was pleased with the color selection and thought that the colors themselves were different than others that I have seen. They stood out to me, specifically the shimmery tint to them. I had selected just about every brown/tan/pink combos that I could find before I noticed this one, and the colors really did grab me where as the others seemed to all be very similar. The applicator works remarkably well and it seems that no matter how the applicator lands on the shadow, the colors all seem to blend well onto the eye and I do not have a problem with too much of one color here or there. The colors just blend so well it looks really polished and I am very pleased with the final product. I actually feel good about the way it looks and gives me a bit more confidence with my overall make up routine. I was pleased with the colors. the, quality of the shadows, the design of the applicator, and the shadow itself seems to last and have not have problems with it rubbing off or smudging. I would suggest that if you are someone like me who needs all the help they can get when applying shadow than this is a good option. For those more experienced you will be pleased with the color options.




The not so "one-sweep" Shadow


When I found this shadow in the store I was pretty excited to say the least. I thought that it looked like a really cool and innovative new product. The L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional One-Sweep Eye Shadow just isn't so "one-sweep". I tried applying it with my left hand and my right hand and for some reason I can never get it to just sweep and be on perfectly. It always turns into a mess and then I have to take another brush and clean it up. The idea behind the product is so brilliant, I just wish it were as simple as it sounds. On the plus side, the colors really are very pretty and they do blend great together. The worst part is that I have to apply the colors individually to get them to look right on my eyes. The brush is pretty much useless because of the shape. The shadow is also a bit pricey and I don't think I would recommend this shadow. Good concept, bad follow through.




It's not worth the price...but it's nice!


I was skeptical about this product at first only because it marketed that it will give you that "blended" look that a lot of women try to achieve. I know how hard it is to create those celeb styles. Anyway, the product and packaging overall is nice. You get a lot of product as well for the price you pay. When I tried the product; I did as the instructions said. It worked for the most part, but it didn't look very natural. It doesn't just automatically blend the make up for you, that is something you will have to fix after you apply. Overall I like this product because it helps me skip a few steps in the "layering" process, but it disappointed me on the blending and natural process. I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to give it a try, though you're going to have to work a little to achieve the look that is stated on the packaging. You're better off going on youtube and learning how to blend, layer, etc. It's easier.


Minneapolis, MN


Poor product


I am a BzzAgent and was excited to receive my kit for my L'Oreal campaign. This is one of the products I was given to try. I actually very disappointed. Only the darkest bottom line showed up when I swept it across my eyes. It looked like I was only wearing thick eyeliner. I tried it a couple more times after washing my eyes, but nothing changed it. I have green eyes and used the kit for that. The only one they advertise is the one for brown eyes and it looks nice. This advertisement feels very misleading or maybe those pigments are better. I am not sure. This just didn't work for me.


Clearwater, FL


L'Oreal Paris The One Sweep eye shadow looks so pretty!


I have the L'Oreal Paris One sweep eye shadow for brown eyes, the colors are really soft and I really think they bring out my eyes. Like the name says the eye shadow goes on in "one sweep" You simply slide the applicator brush across the shadow and it picks up all three colors then you brush across your eyelid and ta da you've applied your eye shadow. I did notice that the bottom color in the compact does not go onto the applicator brush that well I've tried several different ways to get it to pick up the bottom darker color but I cant get it to do it, now that maybe the whole point of it maybe your not supossed to have a lot of the darker color. Never the less the eye shadow really is pretty on and I think its a great match for my eye color. Plus who doesnt love the fact that you dont have to waste time applying all the different shades one at a time it makes putting on make-up a little quicker! I do want to add that I was able to try this product from a sample I recieved from a program called "Bzzagent" this product was part of a "BzzCampaign"


North Wilkesboro, NC


L'Oreal Paris One-Sweep Eyeshadow is simply lovely


As a BzzAgent, I was able to get this eyeshadow and test it out. I have to say, L'Oreal once again showed me why it's one of the top sellers in cosmetics. I received this in the shade 519 Playful for Brown Eyes. It's a mixture of plum/pink shades that is perfect for spring. The applicator is very unique. It's a sponge tip applicator but it's extremely large, like the size of your eyelid, and it's shaped in a curve. The idea is, you sweep the applicator over the three shades of eyeshadow, then just brush it across your eyelid to get all three colors applied in the right place. The shadow has some lovely colors and is nicely pigmented. I tried the applicator, and while it did work to give me the perfect blend of colors, I found I needed some extra highlighter where the applicator didn't cover. All in all, it's a great eyeshadow. I tried it out without a primer and it's lasted for hours without any creasing. I recommend it, and I think you should give the applicator a try to see if it works on your particular eyelid size and shape. I'll continue to use the applicator along with an extra brush to add more where I need it.




L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional The One-Sweep Eye Shadow

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