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L'Oreal Paris
L'Oreal Paris Natural Match Hair Color

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Not sold anymore? No results anyways...


I do not think that they even sell this product in the stores anymore. I really liked the idea of it - it is meant to allow you to change your hair color (go cooler, go warmer, etc.) based on the natural shade of your hair, but I tried this product and just did not get any results. I think that I just have tough hair to color (it's naturally dark brown, almost black), because this is one of several at home hair colors that I have tried that has not given me any results. I might have tried to go too light, or based the "natural match" off of my colored hair color at the time, and that might be why it just did not give me results. Unfortunately, it was still very disappointing! Effectiveness Did nothing to my hair - not even a slight change in shade Ease of Application Same type of application as most at home hair color - a thick liquid that you have to smooth through hair. Can be hard at first, but gets much easier with a lot of practice.



Best ever haircolor!


This product has the most natural look I have ever seen.  I am a former Preference user and will not go back to that product after I have seen the amazing results of Natural Match.  Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't compliment my hair color and shine.  Natural Match ROCKS!!!!

Dunnellon, FL


color that is good for your hair


Natural match does not make your hair look brassy or uneven tones.  You get what color you pick out.  There is no smelling bad chemicals and it makes your hair softer than any other hair products.  Yes it does cost more, but as a woman, if you can take a few extra bucks to spend on yourself,  are you not worth it?  I am and I am not a model.  I tried this product once and will never go back to anything else.  I am a true L'oreal fan.

Alsip, IL


A good permanent haircolor


L'Oreal Natural Match is a permanent hair color.  The line divides each color into warm/ neutral/ cool versions of each color to help match skintones, which helps ensure a more realistic color match.  I usually alternate between the neutral shade for winter and the warm shade for summer. (I cannot comment on color selection, as I use the darkest black-brown in every line.) I started using this to cover white hairs (not grey--my hair skipped directly to white) and it seems fairly effective at covering them.  However, the coverage fades very quickly, usually within a month, so the colored white hairs fade to an odd stained yellowish-brown.  I usually only wash my hair every other day, so that's perhaps 15 shampoos, and even semi-permanent dyes are supposed to last through 28 shampoos, so it's not the longest lasting dye.  I have tried leaving the dye on for an extra 20 minutes in hopes it would "sink in" more, but that did not work.  The formula itself is somewhere between a liquid and a gel; a thicker formula would be a lot easier to use and result in a lot less dripping.  On the upside, it doesn't smell too bad (not too chemical, not perfume-y).

Cambridge, MA


This product is wonderful i'm a woman of color it works great


This product is wonderful.I'm a woman of color and this shampoo& conditioner works great on my hair. The size that you get is very convenient to travel with and in the shower.Now lets get to the coloring.the coloring is a perfect match,if you buy honey blond that the color you get it is lighter or darker the on the box the color is great i'll suggest it to anyone even women of color.

Accomac, VA


The closest I have ever been to my natural color since 15


I have used so many different brands and colors and I just could not find that dark brown that my hair is naturally. I tryed the darkest brown possible by the natural match and was very pleased. It has been two months now and you cant even tell that I need to get my hair done!

Menifee, CA


this is a must have product


         Loreal has not dissappointed me yet. This is a hair color that I enjoy using and best of all it's affordable. It's variety of hair tones and shades blends so well giving you a natural looking hair color and since it's Loreal,you know it's great quality.

Juneau, AK


L'Oreal Paris Natural Match Hair Color

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