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L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Conditioner

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Great for Damaged Hair!


As someone who regularly colors their hair, I need some deep conditioning from time to time. I use L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Conditioner once every few weeks when my hair if feeling dry. It moisturizes without weighing down my hair or making it feel greasy. Love it!

Indianapolis, IN


Worked for me!


If you're looking for a hair mask to try out, this is a great place to start. When I first saw it, I was a bit worried that it would be a bit too heavy duty, but it turned out to be pretty mild for the "professional use only" warning. This conditioner has a light floral scent that I think is pleasing but I'm not sure would suit everybody. It's a light enough consistency that leaving it in your hair for longer than you were supposed to (if you were say, shaving your legs in the meantime) it still doesn't leave your head a greasy mess. Personally, I mixed this in with a bit of my normal conditioner just to make it last a bit longer. However, I'm not a fan of the way it's packaged! It's really not a huge deal considering it has nothing to do with the product itself, but putting the conditioner in a little tub makes it next to impossible to keep water out of it when you're trying to use it in the shower. The water just slides down your arm and into the tub, diluting the conditioner or just making it SUPER hard to work with. A pump would have been way better!



Makes My Hair Really Soft


I bought this upon the recommendation of someone in a beauty supply store. I didn't want to spend a lot of money but my hair desperately needed conditioning. I really like this product. I leave it on my head in the shower for about 5 minutes. My hair is so soft after I use it. I use it as needed now but I was using it once a week when my hair really needed it. I highly recommend this conditioner to anyone who needs a really strong moisturizer. Effectiveness It works really well. When I purchased this conditioner my hair was severely damaged. After using this a few times, it brought my hair back to life. It helped a lot. I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This is a great option especially for what you pay. Scent It has a scent but it's nothing spectacular. I don't really notice it. It's not a floral scent. It doesn't really matter to me though because the benefits of this conditioner are too good to pass up for a scent.



Didn't moisturise or detangle my hair


This product gets so many good reviews,  I thought it could be the answer to my extremely dry hair issue. The ''mega moisture'' claim also sucked me in. I  went to Sally and got the bigger 16 oz  jar. When I opened it and saw how thick it looked I thought for sure it was at least going to give my hair some moisture. Blech,  it didn't do anything for my hair and for some reason when I put it on my hair the consistancy of the treatment was thinner than I thought it would be. In the shower It didn't give my hair any slip. After my hair dried It wasn't any more moisturized or more manageable, and my hair was stilll hard to detangle which is weird since it contains silicone that is supposed to give hair slip and help detangle. I also dislike how this treatment makes hair feel like it has buildup from only one or two uses. Yuck! I already returned it , and would definitely not purchase anything from this line.

Hampstead, MD


Nature's Therapy mega moisture is the best hydrating conditioner


Nature's therapy mega moisture nurturing creme is the best an most convenient nutritive hair creme available.Not only does the name say it all, highlights, colored hair, split ends, heat damage, or hard to grow hair, this product is perfect for chemically processed dry hair. Why cut your hair constantly to get rid of split ends? Nature's Therapy can restore your hair from all damage. With sunflowr seed oil as one main ingredient it softens and moisturizes dry hair for hair that is full of silkiness and shine. My hair was so damaged that normal hair conditioner would't even have the minimal effect on it, as soon as i switched to Natured Therapy i was able to see the improvement of my hair even if i decided to streghten my hair every single day of the week. Not only does it moisturize, who ever said detangler was for kids? That right this product also detangles for for silkiness and manageability that lasts. This is the best product yet.

Santa Ana, CA


L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Conditioner

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