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L'Oreal Kids Shampoo Toy Story 3

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L'Oreal Kids Toy Story Shampoo - decent and fun


My kids have been using the L'Oreal Kids Toy Story 3 Shampoo line for quite some time now. They are happy to have their favorite characters on their shampoo bottles, I'm happy that the formula is decent! There are four formulas in this line - Intergalactic Berry (Buzz), Giddy Up N Go Mango (Woody), Yippin' Yodelberry (Jessie), Rip Roarin' Rapple (Rex). Buzz and Jessie are our favorites. The Mango (Woody) smells revolting, just an off, unpleasant scent, and the Rapple (Rex) is too cloyingly sweet - mercifully my kids thinks so too! As far as shampoo goes, it's nice. Thick lather, rinses easily. It is a 2-in-1 shampoo, but it's lacking in conditioning - fine for my son, but it does not condition my daughter's hair well at all - but I've never found 2 in 1s to be very effective, so she uses a separate conditioner, no big deal. My daughter also has very sensitive skin, and this doesn't seem to bother her - probably because it's not on long enough, and isn't going all over the skin on her body. It isn't quite as tear-free as some of the baby brands, but unless one of the kids accidentally gets an eyeful of suds, the odd stray soap bubble or two doesn't bother them at all. As an added bonus, my daughter's teacher last year told me that for whatever reason, in her experience, head lice doesn't like L'Oreal Kids shampoo. No idea how true that is or not, but we'll keep using this brand, just in case! Scent Except the mango one - that turns my stomach.


Mesa, AZ


L'Oreal Kids Shampoo Toy Story 3

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