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great lip color product


This product really holds true to its name. It's "never fail" beautiful lip color that lasts longer than any other lip color I've ever used. It stays gorgeous on your lips long after regular lipstick would wear off. And I love the the case is even a little mirror. You can take the lip color with you and have perfect application every time and never have to worry about "guesstimating" where to apply it, in the hopes that you cover you lips correctly. And the top coat/sealant stuff...it makes your lips silky smooth and completes the look. Plus it kind of smells like almonds. The only bad part about this product is that the when you put the top clear coat on, it picks up some of the lip stain and gets on the applicator. I wasn't able to figure out how to avoid doing that. That's the only flaw I found with the product. Otherwise it would have been a ten! It's a product worth trying! Check it out!




L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick is awesome!!


I have been using L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick for about a year.  It is the best lipstick I have ever used.  It's promise to "Never Fail" is so true.  I apply it first thing in the morning and it lasts all day.  It lasts through my endless cups of hot coffee, stays put even after eating lunch, never smudges, never comes off on my cup, and to my husband's delight doesn't come off when I kiss him!  I don't have to keep reapplying it so one tube lasts a long time.  Therefore it is very good value.  I won't use any other lipstick.


Effingham, SC


Longlasting Lip Color


Loreal Infallible Compact Lipcolor/Cheap!   I love the Loreal line and recenlty purchased several tubes of this lipgloss. You have to use it as instructed otherwise it won't adhere correctly, good color choices and easy to apply. It lasts a good 5 hours, but use an eye makeup renover to totally remove it. Their regular Infallible lipgloss is a good cheap product also, but doesn't last as well. This is cheap and lasts.


Delray Beach, FL


Infallible Lipstick has a clever solution to dryness in long-las


Please note that I am reviewing L'Oreal's Infallible *lipstick*. It looks just like the lip "color" except the color end applies more like a lipstick than a gloss. It has the same conditioning topcoat and the same container with the "mirror." The lipstick itself I have to say is a good if slightly less convenient idea for long-lasting lip color. The main problem I think most of us experience with long-lasting lipstick is it's excessive drying quality. L'Oreal Infallible addresses this issue with its separate conditioning topcoat (the white tube), which can be reapplied throughout the day if or when your lips start feeling too dry. Because application has two steps and suggests waiting 1 minute between them, it is a little less convenient than conventional lipsticks. But if you find you often have to reapply throughout the day, the little bit of extra work is well worth it. And it is a reasonably effective product. It does last on your lips a good while longer than any conventional lip color I've ever tried. But it doesn't stay on perfectly through a meal. It doesn't all come off, but I do typically find that it will wear off the inner parts of your lips while you eat, which one might find to be worse since partially-covered lips are more attention-getting than just bare lips. I also found that as the day wore on, the color began to flake off, especially in the corners of my mouth, which can look kind of gross. One area the lip *color* may have over the lip *stick*, is I found the lipstick broke off and thus became messy and hard to use much quicker than I would have expected. I don;t know if that's a consistent issue, though. As for the "mirror" the packaging has... It will work in a pinch, but it would hardly be my first choice to use to apply any makeup. The reflection is slightly distorted. But the packaging otherwise I find to be pretty neat, actually. I find myself playing with popping the tubes out just to fiddle with something.


Ocala, FL


L'Oreal Infaillible Lipstick is the best long wearing lipstick!


L'Oreal's Infaillible Never Fail Lipcolor is by far the best long wearing lipstick I've ever used, far superior to similar products by Cover Girl and Max Factor. I have three basic colors that I use:  Crimson, which is a true blue red, Mulberry, which is a medium plum and great for every day use, and Kate's Plum, which is a deep, rich, plum, perfect for evening. I don't like traditional lipsticks at all because they wear unevenly and don't provide the moisturizing benefits that I need; Infaillible solves both of those problems for me.  The color is lightweight yet very color saturated and goes on smoothly and evenly, and dries quickly.  The topcoat is not sticky, adds just the right amount of moisture and shine, and feels like a lip balm, which I really love. Every color that I've tried stays on all day until I take it off and lasts fine through meals, even through an oily salad dressing.  I frequently use the balm to add shine and moisture, and it doesn't build up or look sticky or tacky.  The color stays on until I'm ready to take it off and comes off easily with eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. I would highly recommend this product for its wearability, feel, and variety of colors.  L'Oreal's website also offers beauty consultation and gives coupons with every consultation you do.


Jacksonville, IL


L'Oreal Infallible is really longlasting


I have purchased at least 6 different shades. It is packaged in a built in mirror and is reasonably priced. I really love the fact that I don't have to reapply for a long time.  It lasts through the day, eating and drinking and never leaving a mark. I have even gone swimming with lipstick on and it stayed on. I have experienced 2 different applicators. One is your basic twist up lipstick. I think this this is easier to outline your lips and goes on evenly. The other is a brush applicator. I find this one applies too much lipstick and harder to outline your lips not to mention, you will run out quicker than the twist up. Once lipstick is applied and has dried, you can apply the moisturizing lipgloss for a shinier look or leave it off for a matte look.  Lipstick can dry out your lips in harsh weather (extreme heat or cold) so I would recommend using the lipgloss.  


Poughkeepsie, NY


Pretty colors that last


L'oreal's Infalliable Never Fail Lip Color while a mouthful to say certainly iives up to its name.  The colors are pretty and range from au natural to the dramatic.  There are shades here that will match all skin tones and personal preferences.  The case is small and easy to stash in a purse, backpack or diaper bag for moms on the go.  And it has broad appeal for all age ranges due to the variety of colors.  My teenage daughter loves it.  Her middle aged mom loves it.  And my elderly mother loves it.  It's a multi-generational appeal product that lives up to its promises.  I love that I'm not having to constantly reapply several times a morning but that it has sticking and staying power while looking good.  Unlike other products I've used it doesn't fade, bleed or look like you've got magic marker on your lips.  It covers and plumps up your lips.  After lunch or dinner I can do a quick touch up and it lasts for hours.


Montgomery, AL


Not completly infallible, but not bad either.


I recently started a new job which means that my beauty routine has changed.  For 3 years I worked almost exclusively at home so I didn't have much of a routine. But now that I'm back in the office and around people I want to look my best at all times and have recently gone back to using long-wearing lipsticks. Since I stopped using these products a while back,** L'Oreal** came out with a new product called **Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor** so I gave it a try.  Unlike other similar products, Infallible comes in a really cool little mirrored case into which the color and gloss tubes fit nicely.  I like that I can just reach into my purse and find the little Zippo lighter shaped without even looking. So this product comes with two small tubes.  One contains the lipcolor which comes in several shades.  I purchased 2 different shades that I like a lot but what's odd is that the applicators are totally different.  One has a color tube that pulls out and swivels up like a regular lipstick but the other has a color tube which screws open and closed and has the little doe foot applicator which I'm not crazy about.  I'm not sure if one design is older or whether they make them in 2 different styles. The other tube is white and has clear gloss inside. It's important to use this clear gloss over the top of the matte looking lipcolor as it doesn't contain any oils or anything that might break down the lipcolor and cause it to wear off or wear unevenly.  Fortunately Infallible's gloss is really nice as it has a pleasant fruity taste and scent, unlike other similar products. While I really like the cool little case which doubles as a mirror, Infallible Lipcolor does not last nearly as long as other brands I've tried.  The other brand I really like is Maybelline Superstay which lasts considerably longer.  If I apply the Infallible right before work at 8:30am it stays in place thru my bagel breakfast, sipping things all morning, and thru lunch, but by about 2pm it's either all gone or just the outer part is still there leaving me looking like I'm just wearing lip liner so I have to reapply in the afternoon and the 2nd coat generally stays on the rest of the day and thru dinner. I do really like this product and the compact size so I'll definitely buy it again.  I just wish it lasted a bit longer so I don't have to worry about looking like a freak in the middle of the afternoon.


Annapolis, MD


Yes, it stays on your lips! Sometimes a little too well!


I hate applying lipstick many times throughout the day. If you're the kind of person that always has a bottle of water or a Starbucks in hand, forget it. You'll waste half the day in front of the mirror re-applying your lipstick. That's why I gave up on it. Then I saw the commercial for L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail lipcolor. It claimed that this lipstick could stay on all day, even through eating and drinking. OK, I'll bite... The L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail lipcolor comes in a compact with two separate components. You have the lipcolor and the topcoat sealer that goes over it. The compact conveniently has a mirrored surface on it so you can apply it anywhere. Don't worry - it's not a real mirror. It won't break in your purse. The lipcolor goes on from an applicator wand. It's creamy. After applying the lipcolor - wait a minute and then apply the clear top coat over it and the lipcolor is sealed onto your lips. If you don't have a watch around, you can usually tell when the minute is up. Your lips start to feel really dried out. The clear topcoat instantly moisturizes it, and gives you a nice sheen. This lasts a very long time on my lips - even through eating, drinking, kissing - whatever. It doesn't rub off, but it can wear off near the end of the day. Sometimes I will end up with it looking like I just used lip liner and forgot to fill in. It's like an outline, but it takes a lot of wear for that to happen. It's also hard to get off when you want to remove it. I use[ Neutrogena eye makeup remover][1] to get it off! It comes in some great shades. I even got a special shade made for sale exclusively in Target stores called Target Red. Yes, it's just as red as you would imagine (sometimes you need a shade like that!). L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail lipcolor is the lipcolor I use most often. Four stars for a great product that doesn't come off - even when you're trying! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Neutrogena-Oil-Free-Eye-Makeup-Remover-review-510b2


Ames, IA


Just bought my 3rd-Comfortable/retouch with the gloss! Stays ON


I always had to redo lipstick at least 5 times a day.Tried this once and have purchased 2 more! It's great to KNOW you're lipstick is really still there and looking great!  YOu don't chew it off or have it end up on your coffee cup or food! It doesn't transfer!! You can apply the amount for the depth of color you want, retouch only with the gloss stick! Just wish the lipstick lasted a long as the gloss! Will continue to buy! Great packaging-love the built in mirror!   


Deer Park, CA


L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Color - All Products

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