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L'Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer

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L'Oreal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer Cream is lightweight


I purchased this product along with the Skin Genesis Boosting serum and love the serum and this complexion equalizing face cream, which is applied after the serum, works in conjunction with the serum to lighten, brighten and strengthen your skin.  I recommend this face cream especially for those who are older, as I read that as we age, people in their 40's to 60's should transistion into a lighter face cream as the weightier ones literally sag or weigh down the skin. Well this would be a wonderful candidate for that transition to a lighter cream! It has a lovely soufle like texture - non greasy and although I am sensitive to frangrances in creams, I do get away with this one, not disturbing my eyes. I personally wouldnt wear this one at bedtime for that reason, but I have been using it in the morning and afternoons when at home so can reapply. I bought this hoping to fade some bad sunspots across the sides of my face which came from using birth control and tanning one day out by the pool. I was so happy that a sample of the boosting serum came with this cream because I think it is super-effective in having cleared my skin so much of the spots in only  2 to 3 weeks of using it! But this face cream is great to use with the serum for that added effect. I also gave this cream to my Mom, who is in her 60's and not into trying every cream that comes out. She has very very fair sensitive skin, and she took my 2nd jar home to try it, and later said she loves it and would love to get more. So overall I deeply recommend the serum that accompanies this cream, and this cream is a great choice for those who wish to lighten and moisturize at teh same time, without having to use those other fade spot creams which tend to irritate my skin, and always have sunscreen (which also bothers my eyes too much).    

New York, NY


L'Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer

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