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L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

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lush lashes


Loreal continues to make awesome products but I really like this mascara. It makes my thin lashes appear thick and full which is not easy to do. It washes off easily and doesnt harm my contacts. I love that my thin sparse lashes look so full and fabulous with this mascara Performance Stays on all day and does not need to be retouched through out the day Goes from day to night by adding another coat if you want it but you will not need it Ease of Application goes on smooth and without clumping the first time The brush is just right for easy application


Lily, KY


Just Average Mascara, but does the job okay.


Loreal Extra Collagen Waterproof Mascara is an okay mascara. For the price I would have expected something more. It goes on relatively well. I'm not sure if it's the thickness of the brush, or the bristles, but when it's a new mascara it works really well. But, after a while, the brush tends to get kind of clumpy. Which, makes my lashes a little clumpy. Good thing is, I just have to gently rub my finger against the lashes, and they de-clump. But, that takes an extra step, so this just isn't my favorite mascara. It is waterproof, and it is VERY waterproof. You can swim in it, and still look like a champ when you get out, which is a great plus. But, for the price, there are better Loreal mascaras out there to use.


Chester, SC


L'Oreal Extra-Volume Mascara is AWESOME!


I have never been picky about mascara because I have never found one that I absolutely love... until now! I found this mascara in a "combo pack" on clearance a few months ago, so I bought it. I have very fine, blonde, short eyelashes and haven't really found a mascara that makes them seem full and long.. just ones that claim they will but really only make them a bit darker. When I used this for the first time I thought maybe it was a fluke. My lashes actually looked fuller, longer, darker and more beautiful. I have used this mascara everyday since buying it and have bought more since then (usually I just buy whatever is on sale and don't really have any brand loyalty). I can go out in just this mascara and feel like I don't need any other make up. I have never had it clump or flake at all. It stays on for hours (I typically reapply it one time per day) and is easy to wash off. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone looking for a little boost in the lash department. It may be a bit pricey, but it is well worth it!


Mansfield, OH


Where is the Volume?!


I am a very brand loyal person and recently realized that I was out of mascara (which never happens) and ran to our local drug store. I had used L'Oreal mascara in the past and found it to be a great product so when I saw this on sale I thought, well I might as well try it. When I first opened the packaging I liked the product tube, and was very excited to see the brush, I thought "wow look at those brushes this is going to give me amazing lashes." Well needless to say the product went on great, there was little to no volume and a main reason I am so brand loyal is that I wear hard contacts which are very sensitive to mascara flakes (feel like you have sand paper in your eye) and this product within the house was flaking everywhere!!! I have long lashes and normally it doesn't take too much for a mascara to add volume and drama but this product even with several coats definitely didn't add either!! Quite disappointing!!


Manhattan, IL


I love how this mascara make my lashes look


I really like this mascara because it really does make my lashes look fuller and longer.  Other mascaras just make my lashes look simple but when I put this one on people ask me if I have false eyelashes on.  It's good, long lasting.  It's affordable!


Salt Lake City, UT


My favorite on the market right now.


I have been searching for a good, yet economical mascara for several years and have tried lots of different brands and even other Loreal mascara's and my search finally ended when I tried the Loreal Extra Collagen Waterproof Mascara. I am in my fifties and my eyelashes have thinned greatly  so having a mascara that makes them look thicker is important to me. This product, along with an eyelash curler helps give me the appearance of thicker younger looking eyelashes. It goes on smoothly and gives my eyelashes the appearance of being longer and thicker without looking like there are big clumbs of mascara on my eyelashes. I do not have any problem with it running nor do I get dark circles under my eyes after wearing it all day.  It doesn't flake off either. The only problem that I have with this mascara is that it seems to get thick quicker than other's on the market, but a little soak in a sink of hot water quickly solves that problem.  I do find that I replace it more often than I did others in the past, but because I am happy with how it goes on and stays on I am okay with having to replace it more often.


Mapleton, UT


Not impressed with this mascara


I chose L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara because I had a coupon for it (first mistake). Actually I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it. The mascara is thick and dry. It doesn't seem to apply smoothly. It clumps my eyelashes together and because it is so dry, they are very hard to separate. I usually apply mascara to the small lower lashes, but this mascara is very difficult to apply to lower lashes again due to the dryness. If I leave it on over night, it is very difficult to remove. I guess maybe that would earn the label "long-lasting". The only positive thing I can say is that I am usually allergic to many types of mascara - I usually use a department store brand. Because they are so expensive, I tried the L'Oreal. I did not have any allergic reaction to it, so I suppose it would be good if they were no other alternatives. I wouldn't recommend this in general though to most people.


Glasford, IL


12 times more impact? I think not, L'Oreal! You're flaky!


***Quick View****: ***This mascara promises all kinds of things but only delivers a few of those things. It certainly doesn't give me 12 times the impact, whatever that is. it doesn't even explain what "impact" is. It does darken and lengthen but that's about it. ***My Take on L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara*** This mascara comes in a typical black tube and the brush looks fairly typical as well. It is a straight brush with multi-level bristles. L'Oreal claims the mascara has "revolutionary lash-plumping technology with hydra-collagen for breathtaking volume and incredible wear." It does go on well. It adds some length and darkness to my lashes and it doesn't clump or give me me spider lashes. I see very little volume though and I really need thicker lashes. The mascara was average but throughout the day, I noticed little flakes under my eyes and on my cheeks. Ugh. The mascara also tends to transfer when I so much as touch my eyes. I battle dark circles as it is and, to have dark flecks of mascara dropping under my eyes is a big huge no no. I won't wear mascara that flakes no matter how well it performs otherwise. **L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara **adds some length for daytime wear and is nice and dark. I didn't see clumps and it washes off fine. It doesn't add volume and it's flaky and I can't tolerate that! ***My Viewpoint*** **L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara **fails for me. I can't stand flakes on my face from mascara and this one does a lot of it. It also doesn't add volume or enough length for me. ***2 stars***. There are much better out there.


The heart of , NY


L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara - Black


I see some negative reviews here, Why? I personally have no clumping or running issues when using this mascara! As an added benifit, my lashes are now MUCH thicker & fuller because of the awesome ingredients in it!! The collagen works!! Very affordable & coupons are easy to get! ;-)


Pawtucket, RI


Love this!! on my 3rd tube!


I've been using this mascara for a couple of months now and I have to say I absolutely love it!! Does it give me mile high lashes? No, it doesn't. While the commercials are always exaggerating about the length you will achieve with mascaras, I have to say that for the price of this mascara, I'm really satisfied with the product! I do generally like to put on a couple of coats because I like that non-natural look, not clumpy, just nice thick eyelashes and this achieves that.  I have had better mascaras, but they were also about 3x the price of this one. I got the blackes black mascara. They do leave your lashes nice and dark and doesn't get clumpy after the second or third coat. I also love the brush which picks up more product giving you that nice va-va-voom lashes everyone loves.  This mascara doesn't smudge or smear and the packaging of the tube rivals that of higher end mascaras. I am sold on this product and for the very affordable price you simply cannot go wrong.


Las Vegas, NV


L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

3.9 20