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LOreal Extra Collagen Washable Mascara Black

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Don't expect to get 6 weeks of use out of this...


I used to really like Loreal mascaras and saw them as a great option for the Recessionista instead of designer favorites like Dior Show or Lancome Definiciles mascara.  However, about a year ago I started to see a shift in the quality of this product.  I'm not sure if they are using new manufacturing practices or different ingredients, but the quality of these products has definitely suffered. Within 2 weeks of purchasing the Loreal Extra Collagen it got so clumpy in the tube that I couldn't even use it anymore.  What a disappointment!  I purchased another tube from a different store to be sure that it wasn't being kept somewhere without climate control by the store itself, but alas, the same problem with it gunking up in two weeks.  I keep my cosmetics at my vanity table - not a humid bathroom - so I'm a bit puzzled by how quickly this product aged.  Sadly, I will not be buying it again. 


Chicago, IL


Plump my lashes mr. collagen


Wow i can not believe this product has a 3.5 of 5. Just for that loreal collagen mascara's on me! HAHA just kidding but i will make a good review. Of course everyone wants those nice long curvy lashes and we all go through the nice and long process to get them. We seperate the lashes, curl our lashes with a curler, and add mascara.Then there's the give me the glue i'm going to glue these fake lashes to my lashes even if i don't realize i'm putting GLUE near my eyeball. Not a good mix. I have even seen on tv they have this whole medicated procedure that has all these very harmful side effects but MAY give you long lashes. Do we really have to go through all this i mean isn't there a mascara that you can just put on and voila?  Well i am so happy and giddy to note that i no longer torture my lashes. They are what they are so be it. However i see nothing wrong with enhancing my lashes without harming them. I bought the collagen mascara it won't clump my lashes it seperates them it give you 100 times the volume anything else promises in about five seconds. After it dries you can even run you finger through your lashes without feeling bumps or hard lashes. This mascara is the best out there and if your looking for full long lashes without all the crazy stuff i defiinately recomend you try the loreal collagen mascara. It's on my keep it for life list! 


Port Isabel, TX


Loreal extra collagen mascara was a waste of money


I have puney lashes so when a new mascara promising big, long lashes comes out I'm the first in line to purchase.  This mascara was clumpy from the first time I wore it.  Half the time the only way I can tell I have it on is to see the clumps. My lashes still look weak and lifeless.  This product does not bring out my eyes at all as the saying goes.


Apopka, FL


LOreal Extra Collagen Washable Mascara Black

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