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L'Oreal Endless Platinum 840 Sparkling Sandstone

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L'Oreal Endless Platinum Lipstick - Great Lasting Power


L'Oreal Endless Platinum Lipstick is a wonderful lipstick but can be a bit expensive.  I was lucky enough to find this lipstick on clearance at a national drugstore chain with a coupon making it very inexpensive to purchase.  I do not know why the drugstore put this lipstick on clearance as it is one of the best lipsticks I have ever used.  First of all, the color really has lasting power.  I don't have to constantly reapply this lipstick throughout the day.  Second, this lipstick actually has a great flavor - it is kind of sweet tasting.  Finally, unlike some lipsticks, L'Oreal Endless Platinum lipstick feels like it moisturizes my lips as I wear it.  I have been very pleased with the sparkling sandstone color that I chose.  However, I also noticed some other very nice shades of the L'Oreal Endless Platinum lipstick that I would love to try as well.  I would recommend this lipstick to anyone - especially if you can get it on clearance and/or purchase it with a coupon. 

Draper, UT


L'Oreal Endless Platinum 840 Sparkling Sandstone

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