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L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Futur-E Moisturizer

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Not as great as I expected.


Seeing that the bottle was really fancy and looked high-end, I was expecting something great when I took it out of the package. It barely moisturized my skin and my dry patches got pretty bad after trying to use this for almost a week. Right after I moisturized, my skin still looked dull and matte. My foundation and powder did not go over it well and it looked cracked and bumpy. This also broke me out in little red bumps here and there on my cheeks, but I do not think that they were pimples. I had to use many pumps to cover my face and neck, probably about four, which was really annoying when I was short on time. It smelled like an actual perfume which was odd, and I am sure that irritated my acne even further. Effectiveness It did not moisturize my skin at all! My face looked dried out. Ease of Application I had to use many pumps and sometimes I would have to pump it multiple times to get product to come out. Scent It smelled fancy, which was really strange for a face product.

Las Vegas, NV


L'Oreal's Futur-E Moisturizer works well


I originally used another moisturizer made by L'Oreal until it was discontinued. So I moved on to this one. It works well and no problems but it is somewhat pricey. However, I have heard that this brand makes moisturizers that can rival those made by more expensive companies. I have acne that comes and goes but I find that using this moisturizer has helped lessen the amount. This was a major concern of mine when I was looking for lotion to use on my face. It has a good consistency (not too watery or thick). It also has SPF 15, which helps prevent some sun damage. I use this lotion as a base for my foundation and the two products mix well. This lotion has good coverage and keeps my dry skin from flaking. It can be disconcerting putting on foundation while your skin is peeling. L'Oreal's moisturizer prevents this from occuring. This is a great product and I don't plan on searching for anything new soon.

Fullerton, CA


L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Futur-E Moisturizer

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