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L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect Soft Powder Creme Makeup

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wouldnt do without it


i have finally found the makeup that really works for those of us that are a little older but still suffer from the ocassional breakout. i had very bad acne as a young adult which resulted in a faceful of acne pockmarks. as i got older they did diminish a little bit but were still very noticable. i have tried products that are specifically suppose to cover these flaws.......dermablend, bare minerals and others. with any i had no luck. but when i tried this product i was so happy and surprised that it did what i was looking for in so many other products. all in all any of the loreal products i have tried lately have lived up to my expectations and to what they say they will do. this particular product stays on even if you're sweating or having a long day. thats important for me because once the makeup wears off the pockmarks really become noticable again. i like this product because it does not look cakey and makes me look like i have natural skin. thanks loreal.

Aurora, CO


What a waste of cash!!!


Let me just say that this makeup is one of the worst that I've tried. I have combination skin and when I put it on, after a few minutes the product started looking really cakey, ugly, and also made my pores on my TZone look HUGE. I mean ENORMOUS. And I don't have such big pores! It started to rub off and since my Tzone is kind of oily it made huge oily pores with makeup around the pores all built-up. I never had this kind of problem with other makeup!! This is very horrible. My cheeks were the only ones that were ok because I have perfect skin there. If you have even a tad bit of problem skin on your TZone or anywhere else, if you have some oil, or your pores are not not risk looking like your skin is falling off (my skin looked hideous and bumpy; greasy and dry (at places) when I looked in the mirror). Again this has never happened to me with other makeup!

Cottonwood, AL


L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect Soft Powder Creme Makeup

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