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L'Oreal Absolute Repair Shampoo

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Absolute repair for dry damaged hair - repair or damage???


***Loreal Absolute repair shampoo ***is a product which I do use regularly. i find the product to be absolute damage rather than being absolute repair as the name suggests. I used to have thick curly hair when I started using this product from Loreal. Initially I found the product to be so good because my hair seemed more bouncy and shining. But after 2 months usage of this product, my hair started falling out in bunches. Now its another matter of worry for me as my house is full of loose hairs falling out. I have to ********* house once in 2-3 days now. Also my thick curly hair has reduced to thin unhealthy hair. I tried the Pearl Protein shampoo also from loreal thinking that the protein will enrich my damaged weak hair.I didnt find any use of the shampoo other than the initial shining effect it gave to the hair for almost a couple of months. Now Iam thinking to try some new herbal products thinking that the harsh chemicals present in loreal might be the reason for the damage caused to my hair.


Roswell, GA


L'Oreal Absolute Repair Shampoo

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