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L'Occitane Sweet Almond Liquid Soap

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The smell is heavenly!


Although I would not consider this to be moisturizing, it does contain shea butter. It is soap after all and by nature its job is to clean your skin, which it does effectively. This soap is not as drying as many. I absolutely love the sweet almond smell, it is rich and sweet. The fragrance lingers softly on the skin. A little goes a long way. I do not agree with the previous poster who stated that container is unbreakable. I have recieved a bottle of this that was cracked in shipment. The product was replaced without question from the manufacturer. I think that lexan plastic would be the only truly unbreakable plastic.

Newberg, OR


Best Soap


This is definitely a true liquid hand soap. It is so incredibly gentle, there are no detergents added.  I feel like my hands are much more conditioned with this soap and it does not harm them like many cheap soaps! I absolutely love everything L'Occitane sells that is almond scented anyways, the almond shower oil is absolutely amazing as well. Even though this soap is a little on the pricier side it is completely worth it. It comes in a fairly large container with pump, bigger than most soaps, nice not having to refill as often. If I am not mistaken they do also sell the refills as well. There is a pretty decent selection of other scents as well for the liquid hand soap in case you are due for a change, though I do not see how you would want to get away from the almond. They also sell the little guest / small square bar soaps as well. I generally prefer liquid soap in general but these are a good alternative as well.

Waterford, MI


L'Occitane Sweet Almond Liquid Soap

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