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L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream

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Great face cream for dry winter skin


I have always loved and been a fan of most L'Occitane en Provence products, especially their face creams, and this Shea Ultra Rich face cream does not disappoint. Yes, it comes at a price, but I personally believe your skin, especially your face, deserves the best quality products, and if you have sensitive skin, are prone to extra dry skin in the winter time, like myself, then I highly recommend you give this L'Occitane en provence face cream a try. The texture is wonderfully rich yet not too thick, the scent is natural and very pleasant, and it will moisturize your skin like few other creams can. A little goes a long way too, which is a plus given the cost. You can use it under your make up and will make your make up application very smooth too. Absorption Even though this face cream is quite rich, it absorbs surprisingly fast, and you can be ready to apply your make up almost right away. Effectiveness This Ultra rich face cream does work especially during the cold and dry winter months. The jar might seem a bit small for the price but you do not need a whole lot of cream for it to work. Great for sensitive skins and for people who do not like strong scents.



Burns eyes


I love the l'occitane brand, for how they present the products and many of the ingridients in each skin care product. They are not entirely organic. I was travelling to a colder place and tend to have drier skin then, and got the l'occitane ultra rich face cream. My impressions are that it is a thick white cream, that left my skin soft the next day and did moisturize my face. When I put it on, I felt my eyes stinging. This does not happen to me usually. I cannot say what causes it because the cream also is parabens free and did not seem to have any strong artificial scent. Rather it smells vegetably! For these few things, I give it four stars. Otherwise if you are looking for a thick non greasy cream, try it.

Miami, FL


I look young again!


I love, love, love this line of products!  I have tried many different facial creams with grandiose promises as most women have...However, I have never had any of them perform like this!  I used this product along with several other in from L'Occitane and was honestly amazed at the results!  My cheeks tend to be very red and dry.  If it's not rosacea I would say it is rosacea-like.  However, I have quite a bit of oiliness in the T-zone.  I was heading to an event and needed some emergency help since I hadn't been doing much maintenance on my skin recently.  I was used to the same old creams which would usually make my oily skin oilier and my super dry, flaky skin a little more moist for an hour or so, so I wasn't expecting much.  Was I surprised to see the results!  My skin was hydrated!  Not only that, but it wasn't oily either!  It had such a soft and smooth feel and sheen to it!  It was hydrated all day long, and my makeup didn't start dripping off after the first few hours as some creams seem to cause.  I can honestly say that I have never had the long lasting, non-greasy results that this cream delivered for me!  I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Conover, NC


L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream

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