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L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette Intense Roll-On Perfume

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A Delicate Bouquet of a Thousand Petals


While the **Pivoine Flora** scent from L'Occitane might be a bit too delicate for many tastes, this is a surprisingly refreshing, dewy, and decidedly feminine fragrance that is a much needed change from some of the more overpowering, highly-fragranced cousins in the same family. The scent of the peony is a delicate mixture of crisp roses and a hint of light vanilla-like sweetness, giving it this virginal, garden-fresh quality. The eau de parfume has a more vegetal, green scent, while the roll-on eau de toilette is more intense, and the peony heart more pronounced. At first, the scent takes on a very strong hint of peony - bright yet fleeting fragile, with a twang to it that is very evocative of a young tea rose. As the fragrance dries down and blends in, the peony begins to pepper, with a hint of honey-sweet vanilla that calls up the flower's beautiful, heavily clustered shape. Laced with a rustic green note, much like freshly cut grass, Pivoine Flora is very natural, but also sweetly romantic - it is light enough that it can be worn in the winter or early spring, but also noticeable enough that you won't forget you put it on. The roll-on eau de toilette is more intense than the sprays, lasts longer, and gives you the full effect of the fragrance, with less need to spray half of the bottle onto yourself. This is great for light touch-ups, especially around the wrists, under the chin, and along the neck and breastbone - the fragrance seems to really 'open' as the hours go by, and is quite enjoyable. While it is a bit fragile, it is also enchanting and dreamy - it reminds me so much of walking through gardens on early mornings, with the dew sparkling on the trees, and cool breeze wafting up their sweet smells, the sky wide open and blue. The roll-on perfume comes in a beautiful, slender, deep rose-pink glass tube with a L'Occitane coin-style top, and it's the perfect size for slipping into your purse for on the go. This is a scent best worn during the colder months - especially in the winter and early spring. However, it is the kind of scent for those of us who love something romantic and dreamy, that takes us to our own little garden paradise.

Fullerton, CA


L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette Intense Roll-On Perfume

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