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L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

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Not a Bad Product


Nice scent, and glides on smooth. I find L'Occitane creams usually spread nicely. I happen to be fond of the immortelle line, as I feel that it is a fine product. My skin is on the mature end, and I was recommended to try this one when asking about anti-aging products. I am glad I did, as I enjoyed using it, and feel that it does a nice job. It does everything an expensive cream should do. It is light, yet hydrating. It smells divine, but not irritating. It leaves skin soft without an oily build-up. I was very impressed by the quality. Absorption I felt that it was nicely taken up by the skin. I did not feel like there was a heavy film under my eyes, like cheaper products can do. Doesn't Clog Pores A fine product shouldn't leave skin oily and clogged. This line seems to glide nicely, and has that fine, light feel. Still, the product hydrates my skin without a heavy feel. Effectiveness This is a nice addition for a skin care regime that includes eye cream.



A keeper


At first I did not really like it at all. The reason was that I started to use it in winter. It is not that rich in terms of moisturizing. But when I went back to it in summer, it really cheered me up. It has a light texture, which is really what I want from a eye care product, in summer. The smell is good since it gives a natural herbal smell, no artifical fregarence at all. In addition to the light texture, it gives the necessary nutrition for the skin around eyes in summer. It is gentle, does not leave a film around eye area. It is not irritative. I can say that beacause I have really sensitive skin, any artificial stuff or greasy stuff can cause sensitive reaction. But this eye balm does not do that. It has some extent of effect in terms of reduce puffiness and darck circles. Especially when I feel I need intensive care around eye area, I apply a relatively thick layer of this, leave it overnight. And the next day, it just really lights the eye area.

Columbus, OH


L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

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