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LORAC Mascara

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Absolutely amazing!


This is the perfect mascara!! The wand is so unique in that it truly captures every single lash and curves it outwards, and this is coming from a girl who hardly curls lashes before! It's a must, I know, but this mascara can replace that step without losing out on those fabulous results! Performance It stays put all night, just a little bit of fall out, hardly noticeable, but that is about the only gripe with this mascara! Ease of Application The brush makes it an absolute breeze to put on this mascara! It works so well, and has a fairly unique shape in that it truly captures every lash, extending and volumizing without giving the "clumpy- spider-lashes" look!



Lorac 3d multiplex


I was referred this mascara by a friend and so far so good! The brush allows me to get very close to the base of my lashes (which if you have light colored eye lashes, that's really important). I also love that it is not clumping with multiple coats. I will update review when I know if it drys out quickly or not, BUT so far, not drying and clumpy yet!



Lorac Mascara Black has a very dry formula.


I received Lorac Mascara Black as a free sample. I am so glad I did nott waste my money on it. The formula is so dry, it does not transfer from the brush to your lashes, unless it is in clumps. Maybe I got part of a bad batch, but i won't be buying this.  The brush is huge.  This mascara does not build, it does not lengthen, and it does not last.  This mascara did not irritate my very sensitive eyes, but that seems to be the only benefit, which does not do the complete job of a mascara.  It did not build much length or thickness. A mascara with a price like this should really make your lashes stand out.  This is not the case with Lorac Mascara Black.  There are plenty more mascaras on the market that are much better for a lower price. I am glad it was free because I would never pay that much for such a mediocre mascara.  Usually free samples make me want to buy the product, but this was not the case.

Apollo Beach, FL


For the money its not the best


I always wanted to try Lorac products I bought this mascara to give it a try and I found that its not much better than drugstore brands.  It takes a long time to apply and though you do not get any clumping you also do not get very much volume either . It usually only takes a few swipes of any mascara to get my lashes in shape but this took many many swipes .it also does not seem to last all day . To me it seems dry and difficult to apply .I did not think it worth the money and this stuff is not cheep .I will be sticking to my lancome mascara in the future and not be buying this again

Palm Coast, FL


LORAC Mascara

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