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LG - wine Cell Phone

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The LG Wine is a great phone for the cost.


While nothing fancy, the LG Wine is a more than adequate phone with several fun unexpected features.  The first thing that drew my attention was the beautiful purple "Wine" color of the phone.  Another nice physical attribute of the phone is the large buttons.  The buttons are big enough that they resemble those on a jitterbug (the phone for eldery people that have trouble seeing the buttons).  Upon seeing this phone, my mom traded in her phone for one like this.  It makes dialing and texting really easy.  This is the first phone that I've owned with bluetooth and I have to say that I really enjoy it.  It allow you to send songs to the phone from another phone or laptop to use as an mp3 player or just as a ringtone.  I also purchased a bluetooth earpiece to use with the phone and I can't remember how I ever managed to drive and talk on the cell phone simultaneously.  My favorite feature on this phone is the converting application.  It allows you convert celsius to fahrenheit, meters to feet, kg to lbs, etc.  It is very handy when talking to someone from a country that is familiar with the metric system.  So overall, a surprisingly cute and useful phone for the price. 

Cambridge, WI


Sleek and new.


This phone might be sleek, new, and look kind of cool, but it is still an average phone to me, because it is a flip phone with no keyboard which makes it hard to text. But what gives it the three stars is the fact that it has a video camera, a radio, pacman (only if you have it, I suppose), My Menu (in Tools), and a micro SD card slot (unlike many phones). It also has some of the basics, like easyedge (if you have it, and if you have U.S.Cellular), all the average tools (such as voice command, Tip calc, stop watch, world clock calculator, etc.), Tone Room (which goes along with easyedge), Bluetooth, and a voice recorder. A good thing about it is that it has 30 different good ringtones. It also has many different types of wallpaper, can be changed into Spanish, and the clocks and calendar can be changed, along with the menu style. All in all I think it is a good phone for you if you do not care much about technology but still want something that looks nice.

Burbank, IL


Verizon wireless LG cell phones are the best phone for the money


I had a Verizon Wireless cell phone for 2 years. I basically wore it out. When it came time to get a new phone I went back to Verizon Wireless. They no longer had the model of phone that I had. They update them so often. I looked thru the phones. The LG phones did not appeal to me right away. I wanted to try something different. I was looking at the Blackberry, but I have heard several people say they were not happy with their Blackberry for one reason or another.  I finally decided that i would try another LG phone. I went with the new updated version of what I had. I am so glad I did. This one is wonderful. Easy to use, nice looking and great features. Simple and classic. It has a camera, ability to surf the web, play games, text, send pictures, and much more. The only strange thing about it is the battery. This might be standard, but I have never heard this before. The battery must be charged every other day, or it will warp the battery. No matter if the battery is used up or not. Oh well. The Verizon Wireless LG phone is still the best value for the money.

Sioux City, IA


LG - wine Cell Phone

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