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LG TRAX Cell Phone

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My first LG phone and I am satisfied


I purchased my first LG cell phone over a year and a half ago. The model is the CU575 and it is still in great condition. I bought the phone online through the AT&T company, and I was able to get it for a very low cost. This cell phone is very similar to the Razor, but it looks better. It is not as wide as the Razor, but it still looks sleek and sophisticated. I must admit, I am technologically challenged, and unfortunately I do not utilize all the features this phone has to offer. It is a flip phone with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. It also has a video recorder, bluetooth, and a USB connection. It not only has a memory card, but it also has a smartchip. It has voice command, an alarm clock, a calender, a notepad, a calculator, a tip calculator, a stop watch, and a unit converter. I am also able to shop at the AT&T mall with the touch of my fingers. The phone has text messaging, voicemail, and multimedia messaging. With all these features, I feel I have a great phone that has not let me down.

Chicago, IL


The Juke was good for a couple months until it wouldnt close.


I liked this phone when I first got it because it was cool looking and thought it would be convient because it was so small and would be able to fit it in my pocket easily. However it was not very good to use to txt and take pics with. The camera is very poor on this phone. It also decided about a year ago not to shut anymore so now I have to hold it shut with a pony tail holder. It also was very hard to play games on . It was cool to download music on but I don't listen to it on there very often so it wasn't really worth it for me . The buttons are also very hard to control a lot of the time too because they are so small. The ok button in the center becomes very hard to push after a while too. I would not suggest this phone to a heavy cell phone user. It wares very quickly. If you don't open or use your phone very often then this may be convient for its size .

Butler, PA


Good for the Basics


I received the Tracphone LG for Christmas this year and have been very pleased with it.  I was beginning to feel like the last person on the face of the earth without a cell phone and it drove my college kids nuts that I did not carry one around.  I had resisted for a long time because I am not prone to long phone discussions and I am quite frugal. The Tracphone LG is a good choice for the frugal because you do not feel like you are paying a large monthly fee if you do not do much talking.  You do need to remember with a Tracphone, however, that you load the phone with minutes for a certain period of time (in my case 60 minutes good for 3 months.)  If at the end of the time period you have not used those minutes, they will disappear unless you buy more minutes.  If you buy more minutes, then they will rollover. I was most pleased that I now have the ability to text.  I do more texting on this phone than talking.  Texts are only charged at half of a minute so that is nice too. This is probably not a good choice for the young and hip who want to use "apps" and want a full keyboard for texting, but it was a really good choice for a middle aged Mom such as myself who simply wanted the ability to text and talk to my kids from any location. 

Wyoming, MI


I would love to upgrade my Tracfone !


The radio station I listen to daily in the morning advertised the Tracfone.  I thought well if ***they* **recommend it, then I want it.  I purchased one and actually just wanted to use it for emergency purposes when driving or confirming directions and locations. Since it's a prepaid phone, I didn't think I would use the minutes as quickly as I did.  Then I saw a different phone that I liked where you got more minutes but no rollovers.  Wasn't what I thought so I went back to my little ol' Tracfone.  I may have to keep buying minutes but one good thing is that I won't ***lose*** my minutes !!  I can even set the alarm to wake up and use the voice memo to remind me of appointments! Now I'd like to upgrade it for the newer model with the camera and other features !!!

Philadelphia, PA


The Juke is crazy cool!


All of the features of the Juke are amazing.  THere is plenty of space for music and uploading is easy.  the screen is a little small, but it is convenient because it is small enough to not be noticable, especially in class.  People cant look over your shoulder when you are texting, so it makes it convenient if you have nosey friends.  the sound quality is really good, and suprisingly I have yet to loose it (which is invredible because in a matter of 4 months, i went through 4 phones!)  It is really sleak and everyonconstantly wants to use mine, it makes them feel like a secret agent or something.  One of the down things, though, is if you play games on your phone, it is a little hard to see things some times.  But over all i would say that this phone is the best phone i have had, and i have had plenty of phones.

La Habra, CA


A very large storage space and photos and video turn out fanta


My AT&T LG camera and video phone has volume contol for video.  35 seconds is the longest it will record. Right now I have actually 51 videos stored on my phone. The camera is awesome I have over 255 pictures stored on my phone. I can send photos vie phone and email. I have dropped my phone numerous times.  What sometimes happens when I am about to take a picture the lens is upside down.  I then have to turn the camera upside down when taking a picture it is very difficult to get the image in right lineup so it sometimes turns out off centered or image cut off. Then my camera gets dropped again I suppose and the lens is back to normal.                                              

Hawthorne, CA


LG TRAX Cell Phone

4.0 6