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LG enV2 Cell Phone

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Your friends will envy your LG Env2


My husband got me this phone - used - for my birthday a couple years ago. I wanted a phone with a qwerty keyboard and web access. Out of all the env's I think the env2 has been my favorite when I was looking at phones for a long time. I can't review this from a brand new standpoint as he got this used, but it was rarely used before he got it and I've had very little problems with it. I love the color (I have the maroon) and it is quite easy to use. I am an avid and frequent texter so this has worked well for me. The battery life seems decent although over time I have noticed that I do charge it every couple days. This phone has not let me down. I travel about 3-4 times a year out of state and I've been happy. Performance I'm not sure how old the phone is since it was used - my guess is 3-4 years old. It has held up well. I've dropped it a couple times and no damage has been done. Nothing serious, maybe on the carpet and not on a hard floor or anything, but it has been working great. The camera is nice too for being a 2.0 mega pixel. Voice Quality I keep it at an audible volume and have never had much trouble hearing other calls or having people hear me. Battery Life Over time, I have noticed that the phone does shut off on occasion. I would say this happens once every couple weeks. Again, this is not a new phone but just a warning that the battery life most likely is slowly decreasing. I find myself charging every 2-3 days. I have noticed that it goes from 2 bars to no bars pretty quickly - just a heads up. Durability As I said before, I've dropped it a few times and it has held up well. Ease of Use All the buttons and screens are very user-friendly. I'm not particularly tech-savvy in all areas but this phone was fun and easy to learn and use. Design There are a wide range of colors and backgrounds you can use to accentuate the phone itself. It's thicker than a lot of other phones out there but I've had much larger phones. I don't know if it would be comfortable to keep in a pants pocket (for a man) but it fits into pockets in my purse well.

Troy, MI


LG enV2 Cell Phone: Many Smartphone Features at a Lower Cost


LG is a diverse company and its name can be found on everything from washing machines to television sets. However, when most people think of LG Electronics, the first item that comes to mind is cell phones and one we have been using in my family for more than a year is the **LG EnV2 Cell Phone**, a cell phone with most of the qualities of a smartphone, but sold for a more reasonable price. Let's take a closer look at this communications device: **Cell Phone Commentary:** LG EnV2 Cell Phone is a clamshell style phone with interior and exterior screens, along with interior and exterior keypads. The outside features a normal keypad (similar to that of traditional telephones) while the inside has a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone is GPS ready, with Bluetooth and USB compatibility. It has a 2.0 megapixel, built- in digital camera with 10x digital zoom; a video recorder; an MP3 player; WMA player; voice recorder; and 63 MB of installed memory. A full charge provides up to 5.3 hours of talk time, with 520 hours of standby time, and the address book can hold up to 1,000 contacts for easy reference. The LG EnV2 Cell Phone is a nice electronic device from LG Electronics and it is one of two LG cell phones currently in use within my household. This cell phone is much more than just a means to communicate with friends and family, and this is one of the phone's primary appeals. Open up the clamshell and take a look inside and you will find just about every feature imaginable. Not only do you get the usual features like calendar, alarm clock, address book, web browser, etc., you also get extra features within each that are often not offered on other cell phones. One good example is the address book. You can store up to five entries per contact, along with a picture id for each. This is a step beyond what is offered with many other cell phones. Sound quality is very good with the LG EnV2 Cell Phone. The speakerphone, in particular, is excellent and both parties will have no problem talking and listening when the speakerphone is in use. You just press the speaker option, sit the phone down, and talk back and forth with the other party. Both sides can easily hear the other and it is surprising how loud and clear the sound actually is. I have used other cell phones with speakers and there was always a problem on one end or both, with one of the parties claiming they could not hear the other. This problem is eliminated completely with the LG EnV2 Cell Phone. So, with so many words of praise, can there be anything wrong with the LG EnV2 cell phone? I can only find a few things. First, as anyone who has used this phone will attest, the LG EnV2 Cell Phone has a very small outer screen. It is difficult to read the small letters and words in such a tiny space. Another potential annoyance is that this cell phone is a little thicker than other cell phones, when folded shut, making it somewhat uncomfortable when placed in your pocket. And finally, there is the issue with the camera. The built- in digital camera has only two megapixels, so one cannot expect great photos. Still, I expect better pics than what I get. The details of pictures taken with this cell phone are not very good and the items in the pictures often lack sharp, defined corners and edges.   **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Taken as a whole, the LG EnV2 Cell Phone is a very good cell phone that has held up well and is still functioning up to par since first obtained almost two years ago. It offers many good reasons to like it and other than the camera and a few other small points, this cell phone is a good one and it rates just as highly as many of the more expensive cell phones. Performance This cell phone offers clear sound and many features. Voice Quality No problems hearing voices and communicating to others. Battery Life The battery provides multipl hours of talk time on a single charge. Durability This is a phone that offers average durability. Ease of Use This phone is simple enough to figure out, but the small outer screen is an issue. Design This cell phone has an attractive design

Houston, TX


The LG enV2 is the best phone for texting


I got the LG enV2 more than two years ago from Verizon. This is the first time that my two year contract has come up and I haven't immediately run to the Verizon store for a new phone - I have no desire to get anything else! I am much less a talker and text ALL the time, and this phone definitely fits those purposes. I love the flip phone and having the full QWERTY keyboard - I don't know what I'd do without it! The screen inside is a good size, and I never have a problem hitting the right keys, which is important when i'm texting quickly! I'm thinking of switching out my current EnV2 for a new enV2 - just because some of the paint (the silver on the sides) has chipped off over time because I didn't have a separate phone cover. I've never had any problems getting phone reception on this model like my old phone, and my battery lasts long and doesn't need to be recharged often. I would like it if they made this model with some snazzier colors - maybe a purple or a blue? I'd definitely recommend this phone. Performance Still kicking after, I don't know, 4 years? Lasting way longer than my husband's Droid!

Melrose, MA


The LG-UX9100M is a good cellphone.


The LG-UX9100M is a slim, easy to carry cell phone that is not so small that it is easily misplaced.  It has a long list of capabilities.  The camera is fabulous and easy to use.  It focuses itself.  It has it's own choices of ringtones, so you don't have to download ringtones unless you want to.  The sound is adjustable from low to high and you also have the option of a speaker phone which I use when I don't have the bluetooth on.  The messaging system is great.  The only thing I don't like about the messaging system is that it doesn't continue to alert of a message after the first alert. The phone book is well organized and easy to understand. It has the navigator and  mobile instant messaging.  Did I mention text messaging?  The keys on this phone are easy to touch.

North Myrtle Beach, SC


Seems to have everything you need and then some.


I love the fact that you can play music on this phone. You can by an extra memory chip for music, pictures and video. I also choose this phone because of the keyboard. It is much easier to text with a full keyboard and faster. This is not a flimsy phone. It is sturdy. You may also surf the net,

Palmerton, PA


Good Phone with a nice keyboard


I got this phone for free after I renewed by Cell Phone contract. I don't really use alot of the extra features and really only use my phone to call, text and take the occasional picture. The keyboard is great and makes texting simpler, although the buttons are on the small side. I have a bluetooth headset attached to the device and there are no major problems with it. The one major drawback that i see in the phone is that the camera does not have a digital zoom function. This means that it is not useful for taking pictures at sporting events/concerts and anything where you are not right in front of the Action. I like that I can download ringtones (and get them for free from some sites) and they sound excellent on the phone. I really cant speak for the MP3 function of the phone because I have not really used it. The phone used to pocket dial frequently but changing the settings to a 2 step unlock process fixed that problem. For some reason also recently the phone has shut off on its own, even though there is full battery power, I have not been able to figure out why it does this but it is listed in the "Cons" section so i must not be the only one with that problem.

Bloomington, IL


The EnV2 is great, but limited!


Although the name makes you think people will "envy" you for having it, the LG enV2 phone will be just the opposite! Albiet the idea of a full QWERT keyboard sounds promising, just hope you can last a week using it. After almost one full month of having the phone I dropped my seemingly untouched phone, without a single previous scratch. Basically both the internal and external screens went bright white instantly. I would label myself as extremely cautious when it comes to electronics, but this was one single drop onto wood flooring from about 3 feet. It was instantly gone from the front. I had the warrenty, so I brought it back to the Verizon store. Now here lies a whole new journey in itself. First you must enter an sign in, then wait some times up to an hour for an employee who could care less what your problem is and would rather listen to the music on their phone which is blasting. So I walk in and ask for a new phone since I can't use mine with broken screens. The employee then looked at me like I had five heads and said, the phone was not in stock. So after taking a half an hour to get my address down he said he would send me a new phone. Finally I recieved my new phone. That night I knocked it off my couch, maybe 2 feet tops onto my floor. I picked it up and found it completely gone and unresponsive. After putting it on my charger all night I turned it on to find that both screens had gone completely black. After only one night having the new phone it broke! So yes, the full keyboard, the camera, video and picture messaging sound great, but it's not worth any money when any other phone would last years to this phone's inability to last 1 whole month! If you are interested in a full keyboard I recommend the samsung intensity, or motorolla rival, both are long lasting full keyboard/camera/video phones that last for years! Hope this helped!

Briarcliff Manor, NY


En V 2 is ok


My sister had the EN V 2 for a year it was not fun for her. The IM stopped working twice. And it dropped calls alot. She got fed up with it and bought a new phone. Now I have it the camera works really well except for the fact you can zoom. The vibrator is louder than the ringtone on mediuem.

Chelmsford, MA


Great for multitasking!!


I like this phone a lot. I do have reservations about the front screen and how it works. It is small and hard to use. BUT that is the only thing I don't like abou this phone. ITs perfect in every other way.

Salt Lake City, UT




Just got it today! Mainly use it for texting and calls. So far so good! Silly point, but I didn't like the standard pix they offered for the wallpaper. They only give you 12 from which to choose. Anyway, here's hoping this phone lasts for a while. I only had the last one for a year before it fried on its own :[ Very disappointing. Had to dig through the trenches to find an old one to use.

Torrance, CA


LG enV2 Cell Phone

3.8 223