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LG - dLite - Bubble Gum Cell Phone

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Cute and fun for everyone.


Cute phone. Kinda big, but lots of fun features. Performance Haven't had any problems. Everything works just as it should. Voice Quality Sometimes video voice quality isn't great, but otherwise works like a charm every time. Battery Life I use my phone a lot and only have to charge it every 2 days. Durability Kids and a clumsy sister... My poor phone has been through a lot, but it's still working fine. Ease of Use Everything is easy and self explanatory. Design It's a little big, gets annoying sometimes. I love it though. Customizable and fun.

Milwaukee, WI


Absolutely love this phone!


I just purchased this phone, and I am SO happy with it. I have always like LG products in the past, and this phone is no exception. Obviously, the phone looks great and the pink color is so fun. It also has a lot of customizable lighting options that really allow you to personalize the phone. The camera on the phone is great, I am really happy with it. There are also several features on the phone, that make it perfect. There is a long battery life which is also great. My only concern with this phone is that there really is not much of a warning when the battery is going to die. It pretty much lets you know, and then a short time later it powers off. I've found it is best to just charge the phone every few nights, so I don't find myself in that position. But really it is an outstanding phone, and I couldn't be happier.

Belleville, IL


LG - dLite - Bubble Gum Cell Phone

4.5 2