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LG - bliss Cell Phone

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LG Bliss is JUNK!


I upgraded to the LG Bliss almost 2 years ago. I loved it at first. I thought I had got a pretty good phone with a lot of options and features, plus it was a cool looking phone. Turns out the thing is complete JUNK!!! It froze constantly. When I say froze, it froze to where you couldn't touch a single thing. You'd have to take the battery out to reset and it STILL WOULDN'T WORK!!! Eventually (and I mean hours) of not using it, it would work - for 10 minutes before it froze again!!! When it wasn't frozen, the calibration was screwed up! I would recalibrate and the stupid thing would never calibrate correctly even though it claims it did. It would be off so I couldn't get to my menu buttons along the bottom. I sent it in for repair 3 times. All 3 times, they would call me, I would go in, he would tell me it works but to double check, I would check and it wouldn't work so they would send it back again. They gave me an LG Triton loaner phone through the course of this issue and I fell in love with it so after the headache I said screw it and got the Triton! Oh and on my 1st time sending it in they gave me an LG Bliss as my loaner - guess what happened to that one?? The LOANER kept shutting itself down every time you would set it down and I certainly do not hold my phone in my hands at all times! I would NEVER recommend this phone to anyone and even the US Cellular employees that helped me, hate the phone too!!

Des Moines, IA


The LG Bliss is a fun touchscreen phone in a compact size.


I bought the LG Bliss when it had only been out for a few weeks, so I haven't been able to find a lot of accessories or apps for it yet, but I am hoping that some will be available for it soon. We live in the Midwest where not all phone carriers work for us, so switching carriers in order to get an iPhone wasn't a viable option for us, so when I found this phone, it seemed like an excellent substitution. It has a great touchscreen which I've found to be more responsive that the iPhone, especially if you're a woman with long nails. I had trouble getting the iPhone to respond to my touch when only my nail hit the screen, but the Bliss has no trouble with that. The Bliss has a very sleek design (almost TOO sleek, as I've had to be careful not to let the phone slip out of my hands), but it's a beautiful design. I have the black model with the green band along the edges. I do wish, however, that I didn't have to remove a tiny cover in order to plug the phone in for charging, but it keeps any debris out of the charging port. It also has Bluetooth, so it's very easy to move files to and from your computer and will also hold a memory card for music files so it will work as an MP3 player, which I'm looking forward to trying out one of these days.

West Des Moines, IA




Everybody wants to have the ultra slim LG Bliss - today's hottest trend in touch screen technology. With a next generation user interface, large 3" touch screen, and sleek rounded design, this phone has a fresh look that's sure to capture lots of attention. You can call your friends and catch up on the latest gossip while you browse today's entertainment news on the web. You can take great photos or video with the 2.0-megapixel camera and camcorder, then share your coolest shots. Get in style with the LG Bliss - you'll be happy you did!  

Jackson, TN


LG - bliss Cell Phone

3.0 3